Joana said what she said so that Cassandra would be unsettled and it worked. As Cassandra looked down at the road from the upstairs window, she began wondering if she had underestimated Grace. If she did, then everything may not go smoothly as she wanted it to go.

"She is spineless, they all are!" She reassured herself and placed her focus back on the road. Grace would be there any minute.

Soon enough, Grace appeared and was standing in front of the building. She brought out her phone and dialed Cassandra.

"I'm outside now."

"Yeah, I see you. Come inside."

"No, how do I know that my friends are inside? How do I know you won't kill me the moment I step in?"

"Well you will just have to step in and find out, won't you?" Cassandra replied but Grace didn't seem to budge. "Tick tock Grace..." She said finally before Grace tools a deep breath and step came in.

"I'm inside now." She said.

"Keep going further, enter the room at the end

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