The atmosphere outside was gloomy in the aftermath of Hakim's death despite the huge relief everyone had that the girls were still alive. Two ambulances had arrived minutes later in addition to the five police cars already on the scene. They all went to work immediately, gathering pieces of evidence and tying up loose ends as Hakim's body was taken out on a stretcher. Joana and Margret were by the other ambulance, receiving medical treatment. Grace and Veronica sat by the stairs leading to the front door of the house as Officer James interrogated them.

"So let me this straight," He said. "Hakim was behind all of this? He was the killer?"

"Yes." Grace answered as she and Veronica stared at each other. Veronica tried nibbling at her fingers to keep her composure but it wasn't working, her knees were shaking badly and Grace could feel it. 

"Is that true, Veronica?" James asked.

Grace's eyes were sharply fixed on hers without blinking, warning and pleadi

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