Author: Kylie. G

...How it all began...

At the beginning of time, the creator created two realms.

The first realm was heaven. That realm was where the creator dwelled with his right-hand man,  Lucifer himself. Heaven was a place were Angels could roam around, using their magic freely.

The second realm was the realm of the mortals. That was were non-magical beings dwelled. Angels were assigned to protect mortals but not be seen while doing so.

The realms were made to keep a balance between mortals and magical beings. Everyone lived peacefully within the two realms. Angels protected mortals from within their realm as they were told and never disobeyed the creator.

Lucifer was content with this for a while. He followed the rules set out by the creator and made sure the angels followed them as well fore if the rules were not followed the realms would be imbalanced.

But then Lucifer wanted more. He refused to follow the creator anymore. He didn't see how it was fair that the creator ruled both the realms so he asked the creator for a chance to rule at least one of the two realms. The creator refused and told Lucifer that he was neither strong enough nor ready to take on the responsibility of either realm.

Lucifer was infuriated at this. He felt that the creator was incompetent and made a mistake that he would surely pay for. Lucifer wanted to overthrow the creator himself and become the sole ruler of not just heaven, but the realm of mortals as well.

Lucifer created an army of angels that had the same objective as him. But those angels weren't strong enough to defeat the creator and so the creator banished them along with Lucifer to a third realm which was called hell.

There, Lucifer ruled over hell and the angels that were banished along with him. Those angels slowly changed, became darker, and began to wield dark magic making them grow stronger and strengthening them for the day that they would finally take over the realms of heaven and the mortals. Lucifer called his now dark angels 'Demons'.

Centuries passed and the now dark angels grew restless. They soon found ways to escape the realm of hell and roam amongst the mortals. These demons would torment mortals and grow stronger by using the mortals' fears against them. The stronger the demons got, the easier it was for them to cross between hell and the realm of mortals and back. Lucifer forbid his demons to stay in the realm of mortals and ordered them to always return.

The creator had a duty to protect not only his angels but the mortals as well. He refused to let these demons who managed to escape hell harm any mortal, so he sent angels disguised as humans into the realm of mortals to watch over them and defeat these demons.

One demon, in particular, grew found of roaming amongst the mortals and learning their ways. He grew uninterested in wanting to gain power as he was more intrigued by the simple life most mortals lived and how happy they were while living in that simplicity. The demon eventually found love amongst the mortals.

Or so he thought.

After months of a secret relationship, the demon discovered that his beloved was an angel of heaven. He didn't want to give up on their love so he, along with the angel of heaven, chose to abandon their realms and live amongst the mortals, disguised as humans for they knew both the creator and Lucifer would disapprove of the love they shared.

A few more years passed and they had a child. A little boy. This boy would be the most powerful being within the three realms because he would be able to wield both light and dark magic at once.

You see, once demons started to wield dark magic they were forbidden to use light magic fore it weakened them. But the boy was made up of both light and dark energy and with that, he could take over the realms if he wished.

But it was said that when this child grew up he would harbor hatred in his heart for both the creator and Lucifer for disapproving of the love his parents shared.

That hatred would only subside with a form of love. The truest form of love that would bring him out of the dark and into the light. If that love was never found then the realms would surely perish into ash and dust leaving no trace of the existence of the realms behind.

The boy's parents protected him from his truth as much as they could. They kept him away from any form of magic and brought him up the way mortals would bring up their children.

But the truth always comes out eventually and the boy noticed strange things happening to him. His parents then decided to teach him the ways of light magic but warned him to never use it.

The boy obeyed his parents and never questioned them until something happened that changed his life...

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Lyne Dela Cruz Corpuz
so lucifer is the creator
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Bella Jersey
I hooked let’s see where this journey goes
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Elixir Winters
ok now I'm started liking Lucifer than creator.

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