Chapter 4


I walked back to my desk where the file was so I could review the whole thing again. I wish my partner was here, but he had to get married and take a vacation for two weeks leaving me to solve this case all by myself. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and placed it on the table. I took a sigh before pushing the chair back so I could work on a lead or something before Romans got wind of the lie spewed about a lead. That man had eyes everywhere and nothing ever got past him. He was a good chief but a pain in the ass sometimes.

I skimmed the file again searching for something I might have missed. I knew the obvious reasons the parents never approved of their daughter dating a guy who is not from their elite circle which was bullshit. I rolled my eyes skimming further to the video of their breakup that went viral over the whole campus to Esther getting jealous of Elijah and his new girlfriend. The whole damn case is like a soap opera coming into real life. For once I agreed with the chief that this drama of a case needs to be closed.

The name Wagner popped on my screen as the phone rang. I pressed the green button leaning back on my chair relaxing as I placed the phone on my ear, “Shouldn’t you be sleeping off a night of passion?” I joked but was glad to get a call from my partner.

“The wife is sleeping it off,” no doubt he was smirking, “but I have another partner to check up on before I spoil my wife with breakfast in bed.”

“You make it sound like you are the one making the breakfast,” I scoffed with a laugh, “We both know it’s as easy as the call you are making right now,” I added.

“Don’t hate on my marriage, Pega. I’m having the best time of my life not to mention the best sex of my life,” he snickered to himself.

I shook my head, “I don’t need a picture of your sex life, thank you very much.”

“All I’m saying is you could be having this too if you were not too caught up in your own head.”

“I can have sex whenever I want. What are you talking about?”

“Fine Pega, be the bachelor and lonely. I don’t care.”

“Now that's a lie. You do care, don't make me send you the video clip of you promising me a couch whenever I need one from your wedding speech,” I laughed.

“I know, I know,” he sighed, “How is, Romans? Giving you headaches yet?”

“How do you know that? You got a spy checking up on me? Who is it?”

“Woah Pega, relax,” he chuckles, “No spy. I swear. I’m checking on my partner,” I looked around at the office before I landed on specific eyes as I responded.

“It’s Sheila, isn’t it?”

“How did you even guess that? You know what? Never mind, don't answer that you are a detective. It’s what you are good at or else you wouldn’t be my partner.” 

“We both know she is the office gossip,” I said louder, intentionally making her dramatically gasp. I smiled and winked at her before she gave me a fake glare and went back to typing on her screen with a smile. She always reminded me of my mother whenever I saw her and deep down, she knew I was teasing her.

“So, what's happening with the case?” he asked.

“Oh no, you are on your honeymoon by choice. You decided to be happy so no talking about this ridiculous case with you.”

“Come on man. I’m dying here,” he pleaded with a whisper.

“Nigel Wagner we both know Nancy made us swear never to talk work while you are on your honeymoon and you are lucky to be talking to me at all,” I said with a sigh, “If you ain’t scared of Nancy you go right ahead but I’m not ready to face her wrath just yet.”

“You’re damn right, James,” I heard Nancy’s voice.

“Baby, you are up? I was going to get you breakfast in bed,” I laughed at what I was hearing.

“That’s my cue. Bye, Wagner, enjoy your honeymoon and Nancy I didn’t call him, he called me. I’m only guilty of answering his call and as you heard I was –“

“Traitor,” Nigel scoffed, “I thought you were my partner,”

“Oh, so you want James in your bed too?” 

That was the last straw and I burst into laughter. Nancy was a keeper; she knew how to put Nigel in his place and they were damn perfect for each other. Those two were the best match. I decided to not taunt him and hung up the call because he had a lot of begging or better yet graveling to do. The last time we had talked about work at the engagement party she promised him chastity until their wedding night. I doubt they would have survived that long, but she is very stubborn.

I went back to work and reviewed the case and reread the statements made by both parties before I finally found my lead. I decided to make a call and get the surveillance I needed from the store and if my gut was right the case would be closed before Thursday which meant Romans will be off my ass.



I was glad I managed to have a chance with dad this morning and it was helpful. The dream could mean anything. I had to consider that fact for now even with my gut telling me something was missing. I decided to focus on my work and the patients I was going to be seeing for the rest of the afternoon.

“Hey, you got a second?” I heard Nick as he popped in without knocking since the door to my office was open.

“Sure, what’s up?” I responded, moving to my cabinet file.

“I was wondering if you would like to be my date for the function on Thursday?”

“Uhm?” I paused trying to think of an answer.

“Ki?” He spoke looking at me anxiously.

“Uhmm… I mean… y-yeah sure,” my voice was a little high-pitched. Why didn’t I just say no dammit?

“Great,” he smiled, looking shocked.  

Yeah, I am also shocked I agreed buddy. It was never my intention, but I pressed my lips tight with a smile. “How about we go for lunch to celebrate?”

Boy, he never quits, and I was regretting agreeing to be his date already coincidentally, I have the perfect excuse, “I have a patient coming soon,” I lied not that he would notice.

“Maybe dinner tonight?”

Jesus, I was about to facepalm. Guess that’s why he is a successful businessman. He is adamant and he knows how to push something in his favor. I bet I was like one of his projects. The thought alone brought me to my patient Brent. There was something about rich boys that made them overconfident to think they can have anything they want. Some people never notice that minor detail, but I do. It’s like I have lived among them to know such a thing.

“I have dinner planned with my parents tonight,” I lied again. I replied, looking at him with my lips pressed. Hopefully, he would take the hint. I will need to talk to dad about it later and ask if we can go out tonight and cover my lie.

“Alright,” he smiled at me nodding, “Maybe some other time. I have to go to work and will see you tomorrow,” he winked walking out.

I wonder why he hangs around a lot in this building because he is just an investor. Parker and Associates don’t need Nick hovering constantly, in my opinion, more, so it makes the Parker name look bad. I get he is interested but he tries too hard and never seems to get it. I was not interested. I rolled my eyes as soon as he left and took a deep sigh. Nick is not bad in the eyes, but I have never considered him in that manner. We are almost the same age, but he was still a stranger to me. I remembered that I also needed to speak to dad and stop him from talking about me with Nick.

I prefer being a private person and I have closed off a lot of things with good reason. I can’t relate to people because of the void I have. I always feel out of place when people share their past. I can only talk about the life I had after the accident and it’s not pleasant because it took time for me to adjust. I have tried thinking harder like what people assume and it ends up giving me a migraine. I want to remember but the pieces never fall in place. At this point, I will need a miracle to remember.



I smirked as I looked at the camera that was outside. It was by some miracle that I saw this. I had waited for the person at the store to get back to me and grew impatient in the afternoon and decided to go there in person. My gut had been right and the store manager telling me that their surveillance tapes had been corrupted was enough proof I needed. Foul was at play. I decided to drive around looking for the proof I need. There were no robots around the block to check for surveillance but the fraction of will I had to drive around looking for a clue or something had finally paid off.

Parker & Associates came into view and outside their building were cameras that caught all directions. My lips curled as I parked my car readying myself to get the answer I needed. I couldn’t wait to finally close the case and hopefully, they would allow me to get copies without asking for an official notice. I crossed my fingers as I walked in before stopping in front of the desk.

“Afternoon, I’m detective Pega,” I smiled at the lady. “Is there someone I can talk to around here about getting copies of your outer building surveillance tapes?”

“Mr. Parker is not in but let me ring Miss. Parker. One moment,” she smiled, grabbing the phone, “Looks like there is no need. There she is,” she pointed, and I followed her finger. I think my heart stopped as soon as my eyes landed on where she was pointing. 

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