Author: ReinStriver

Chapter 1: A Monster and A Girl. (part 1)

A half-moon shone brightly in the midnight sky filled with stars that dotted across the darkness to no end. Silence loomed in the forests located deep within a secluded mountain, it was a silence that was almost eerie and unnatural.  

There was a reason for this silence, a reason seeped in blood and terror.    

In one particular clearing, with four pillars surrounding a tall marble platform that had once been the resting place of the ruler of these woods now stood a bloodied, mangled corpse. Blood dripped from it on all sides as the marble was dyed in a crimson red.  

The body was so disfigured that you could no longer tell what species the creature once belonged to...  

On top of the corpse stood the silhouette of what seemed to be a man, however this man was far from what you would call human...  

It was a Monster.  

Left arm was missing, its right arm was as black as night, covered in sharp scales and spikes with a hand that was more akin to a dragon’s claws than to a human’s palm and fingers.

A long thin black tail shook from side to side with its sharp spike-like end, akin to a sword’s tip.

Legs that were seemingly made out of bones, with a sharp white armor like appearance that ended on feet with the like of an eagle’s talons.

The head of this being was one similar to a young human male’s with rather long black hair, reaching down to its waist, however its face had many transparent scales around the left side that could be discerned through the human-like skin.

The face was also missing its left eye, thus this creature kept it closed at all times while the right eye was red like blood and in the shape of a slit.   

The mouth had razor sharp teeth, similar to the many werebeasts that lived under the brilliance of the moon, as well as elongated canines like those of vampires.

The creature wore bloodied rags with many holes and tore up parts all over them, it would be a stretch to call them “clothes”.

Finally, on its neck was a snow-white fur mane, similar to a scarf that had also been splashed with blood at this time. 

The humanoid shaped monster was feasting on what remained of the once proud ruler of the forests, a once powerful giant golden lion with a red flaming mane, the sheer aura of presence that this monster let out was enough to silence even the breaths of all creatures within the vicinity.  

“Bitter...” The monster muttered, a lonesome gaze fixated on the bloody mess in front of it. “Wants something that tastes... No, no bitter...”  

Within the quiet forest, all that one could hear was the munching of this one creature as it ate its prey.  



On the eve of dawn, a young woman ran through the thick woods while her face and hands were scratched by the branches of trees.  

‘How...! How did they find me...?!’ The girl thought, sweat dripping down her forehead as she panted heavily while running.  

She was of short stature, perhaps around 5’4’’, wore a black cloak with a leather garb underneath, a small bag strapped to her hip and a thin rapier-like blade of exquisite craftsmanship on the other.  

One of the branches from overhead reached out and took hold of the girl’s hood, revealing a long and beautiful golden blond hair that glistened with the rays of the morning sun.  

She had a cute button nose that gave her a rather innocent look when accommodated by her cherry red lips, they stood out intensely on her face with its porcelain white skin, so smooth that it was seemingly carved out by the century’s greatest sculptor.  

The girl’s eyes in particular were of astounding beauty, with a golden, red-violet mix that gave one the sense of looking at a sunset once they gazed into her eyes.  

This gorgeous girl had been on the run for quite some time now, over an hour in fact. Were it not for her immense luck till this point then she would have undoubtedly been captured, killed or even worse.  

However, one could argue that she had ran out of luck the moment she was discovered.  

‘I need to reach the spirit altar! I know that there is one here somewhere!’ Her thoughts drifted, gaze focused on the path ahead and planning on what maneuvers to execute in order to find an escape.  

“Run faster you numbskulls! She’s getting away! How can a frail looking nineteen year old girl outrun you, damn blocks of turds!” The gruff voice of a brawly man shouted, being heard in the distance by the pretty girl.  

‘... Faster! They’re gaining on me, I’ll be found soon if I can’t find the altar of this forest!’ The girl thought and pushed forth, she was determined to survive this day.  

Soon, she reached a clearing in the forest, stopping in her tracks to look at what she had found.   

Breathing heavily, the girl looked through the strong rays of the sun by placing a hand over her eyes in an effort to create some shade. What she saw was four stone pillars surrounding a marble platform. The girl couldn’t help but smile, knowing that she had found what she was looking for.  


A sudden realization dawned on her once her vision got accustomed to the stronger rays of sunshine within the clearing.  

The guardian of this altar was beyond any saving, all that was left was a huge stain of blood surrounding a broken-down skeleton while slowly drying all across the platform and beneath it.  

“What... I don’t understand, the forest lord has been killed?!” She spoke up, her shock evident as her eyes opened widely from the surprise.   

‘But without the guardian, I can’t sign a blood-spirit contract!’ She thought in frustration, her plan of survival had all but been ruined.    

“Captain! We’ve found her, she’s standing in a clearing over there!” An armored man shouted whilst standing twenty meters away from the girl, he could spot her through the many bushes and greenery of the forests.    

“Damn it...!” The girl turned, unsheathing her rapier-like thin blade and holding it with her right hand, she took a stance behind her sword and quickly backed up while watching the numerous armored men appear from within the woods.    

They had seen her, there was no way they would let her escape now... But she couldn’t just give up! Even if it meant running while fighting, she would find a way out of this forest and complete her journey!    

“Well, well look who we have here, if it isn’t lady Elyenora.” The gruff voice from earlier spoke, as a 6’1’’ tall middle-aged man with an unkept beard, scar running down his nose, and who was clad in silver armor walked in front of the men while clapping slowly with his hands. “We’ve been looking for you for quite some time now my lady! Come now, let me and my men escort you back to your home... Your elder brother misses you and would like to have a short little chat with you, you see...” The man spoke in a condescending, sarcastic matter.   

“You can tell my brother to go eat your ass for all I care! You’re not taking me anywhere, Royal Knights Sixth division captain Roland Creek.” Elyenora spoke with determination, pointing her rapier at the division captain.  

“Whoa, feisty one ain’tcha? I do like them like that though, you see, hehehe.” Roland smirked, looking over Elyenora. “You know, your brother never did say that you had to be in a good condition once we returned you...” His smirk turned to a large grin, malice pouring out of his every word.  

“You’re disgusting, Roland Creek. I have no idea how a man like you ever became a captain of a knights’ division!” Elyenora shouted, gazing at the man in front of her as well as all the nearly twenty other people.  

“Call me whatever you want princess, but I’m taking you away now. Your little struggle ends here.” Roland spoke sinisterly. “It would seem that you truly have no luck left, even the Spirit Altar’s guardian has died while you were on your way here! Hahahaha!” He laughed, amused at the amount of bad luck that the girl was facing.  

She could feel the danger, she knew this might be the end of the line but there was no way she would allow herself to go down without a fight! Her father had specifically made her take sword lessons ever since she was a child, she knew that it could at least amount to something!  

‘I’m sorry father, I’ll be seeing you soon it seems... I’m sorry... Everyone...’ Elyenora thought, her face twitching as she suppressed her tears and frustration.  

“Fight me Roland! I request a duel, the winner may demand any compensation they see fit!” Elyenora yelled, looking for the only hope she had left.  

“Hahaha, sure thing! I’ll duel you, but... In a bit.” Roland spoke, before continuing “For now... Go get her boys! Hahaha!” He shouted with a hearty laugh, initiating a charge from the nearly twenty knights on his side.   

“Yes! Captain!” The knights shouted in unison, moving towards the frail looking girl.  

“You coward! Fight me yourself if you have even an ounce of honor!” Elyenora yelled, readying her blade once more as the first knight drew near.   

She moved her hands and feet swiftly, seemingly dancing as she thrust her rapier through the gaps of the knight’s armor, five quick blows landed on him before he knew that Elyenora had even moved! He was quickly dealt with and incapacitated on the ground, bleeding from five gaping holes across his body.    

More numbers pulled on her, forcing her on the defensive as she dodged and redirected the enemy blows    

“Sorry sweetheart, but I ain’t dumb enough to square off with the ‘Dancing Sword Princess’ Elyenora herself without first wearing you off a bit more.” Roland spoke condescendingly, watching the girl struggle.   

“Tsk!” Clicking her tongue, Elyenora continued to fight back against the masses of steel and their heavy-duty weaponry.   

Each one of these knights was a professional, donned with exquisite armor and weapons that not just anyone could obtain. The only reason she could even harm them was because of her special blade, the so called “Silent Wind” rapier, a weapon that could pierce through any armor with the help of a surge of wind.    

Each thrust would send what was essentially an invisible wind spear through the opponent, easily breaking through any knight’s defense.    

It was a blade crafted by the dwarven royal head blacksmith, Korgen, for Elyenora’s personal use.    

It didn’t take long for fatigue to wear Elyenora down, she had been malnourished as it was and all the running from earlier didn’t help in the slightest. Even then she took down another five men before her breathing became ragged and her form sloppy.   

“Enough! Surround her and stay back.” Roland ordered, “It’s my turn now...” He licked his lips with a smirk.  

“You...” Elyenora panted heavily, “You’re a disgrace to the order of knights! All of you!” She shouted as the men circling her within a ring made of their bodies, Roland walked inside and took out a large two meter long, forty centimeter wide blade.  

“I’m just following orders honey, that’s all.” Roland smiled, “Now then, what was it you said? Winner demands any compensation, right? Hahaha!” He laughed maniacally.  

‘This man is beyond redemption...’ Elyenora thought, raising her rapier up for what would perhaps be the last time. ‘I’ve failed... Even after all the sacrifices my men did to keep me safe... I’ve failed...’ she grimaced, unwilling to accept the reality of her situation.   

“Let’s break that famous blade, shall we?” Roland spoke as he moved in closer to Elyenora.  

But then, when all hope seems lost for Elyenora and the girl was to be captured.  


A voice rang from within the woods.  

“You, humans... You, on my territory... Leave.” The voice of what seemed to be a young man sounded rather quietly, he was obviously incapable of proper speech.  

“Who’s there?!” the knights turned, looking towards the direction of the voice.  

“You have no business here! These are matters that don’t concern you, citizen, leave now or be dealt with accordingl-” The knight gasped, ending his speech with eyes widening from the shock of what he was witnessing.  

What seemed to be a tall man, perhaps 6’4’’, walked towards the knights, however. Monster would have been a more proper term for it.  

It was the same creature that had devoured the forest lord, the same monster that had defeated a being feared as the pinnacle of strength within this large forest filled with beasts.  

“Wh-Wha-What is that thing?!” The knights yelled, fear spreading among their ranks for but a moment before they readied themselves for battle.  

“Hoh? That’s not something you see every day.” Roland commented with a side glance, “Will you excuse me for a moment princess. It would seem that our duel must be postponed.” He continued, leaving the princess stumbling on her feet.  

“If you, no no leave... Then me, will make you.” The monster spoke, its right eye glowing with a sinister light that made all of the knights shake in fear.  

The entire atmosphere became heavy, as many of the knights’ vision darkened and tunneled onto the creature’s blood red iris.

the only word that could explain the feeling they were having right now was...



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