Scene 5


A name that bothers Cheryl so much. Is that true? If that was reality, could Cheryl accept that name? Or Sandra is lying if Joko is the name of the handsome parent.

Today, Cheryl is desperate to go back to the Engineering faculty. For the sake of love.

Cheryl wanted to ask the owner directly. If true, Cheryl will think again, to accept the lack of the man's name. But Cheryl was sure that wasn't his name. His appearance, not an ordinary person. Cheryl could see, Juna a.k.a Joko's appearance, like a rich person.

Rose was embarrassed and was tired of Cheryl's pursuit and persistence but to no avail. Rose already knows his name. However, she was lazy to tell Cheryl. Let it go so that Cheryl tries even harder, even though in the end, she is the troubled one.

Rose ate the chocolate covered peanuts with no taste. They skipped the Essay Writing course. Coincidentally the one who taught Mam Nani. A beautiful lecturer who made Cheryl a favorite student. Mam Nani often gave Cheryl money and always gave Cheryl more value. Even though Cheryl is known to be lazy in class. And Cheryl is not a thin brain student, but a girl like this hot worm, never realizing that she has flaws. Rose is a student who is active in class.

Cheryl and Rose waited on the usual pine tree bench, made of cement, with a round table.

Cheryl sipped languidly at the yogurt, supporting her head.

"For what, these college days continue." hissed Rose.

"Listen, Rose, Jasmine, everything is rotten. We will make it a memory that we will never forget until we get old. Moreover, later I will make it as a story material for a conversation in bed with my husband." Cheryl's brain was already venturing into the future how Joko became her husband. And they shared stories when they were young. Cheryl will tell him about how her struggle to get her husband later. Cheryl will undoubtedly remember because Meredith always heard Cheryl's complaining and kept the book until it was old.

"Geez, your language, altitude. I'm a bother too." Rose snorted in annoyance.

"So you're not sincere?" Cheryl asked, dramatizing the situation. She pretended to put on her face.

"Stale!" Rose pulled Cheryl's hair. Embarrassed, she saw her friend's behavior.

"Damn it!" Cheryl brushed Rose's hand. There, Rose pulled her best friend's hair healthy. Not accepting Rose's treatment, Cheryl responded by pulling Rose's hair strong. The two of them pulled each other's hair.

"You don't know, I'm prettier than you." Cheryl said excitedly.

Rose smiled disparagingly at Cheryl, like an antagonist who can talk to herself. "I'm also beautiful! In fact, I'm pretty everywhere."

"I'm pretty seven generations."

"Beautiful girl, but flat chest, usually does not sell well in the eyes of men." Rose whisper. Yes, Rose has a body that is almost perfect for men's dreams. Cheryl glanced at her flat breasts. Average.

Cheryl gets jealous, Rose often prided herself on.

"Damn it!" hissed Cheryl. She pulled Rose's hair strong. Her pull was just as strong.

"Aw ... it hurts."

"You out, feel it!" Cheryl tugged at Rose's hair again. The two of them stared at each other with hostility. Things heat up, Rose sends a fire signal, so Cheryl wants to blow fire to her friend.

With the strength of the, Cheryl managed to slam Rose to the ground. Cheryl's body was thinner than Rose's body.

"Watch out! Just wait, I'll have breast implants."

"Hahaha, the implant, it's just water." Emotional with Rose's mockery, Cheryl pulled as hard as possible.

"Aww ... Enough!" shouted Rose.

"Hey, what happened?"


 Cheryl turned around, and their action was witnessed by many. Cheryl smoothed her clothes and stretched out her hand to get up to her best friend. Cheryl patted her clothes. And she could see her prince the crowd, staring at her blankly. Shit! failed.

Rose smoothed her hair, and her clothes were from the dirt stuck to her clothes. Rose could see, Juna's gaze was only on her. Can she be overproud?

"He you!" Cheryl shrieked when she saw her prince turn a corner.

"Cheryl, right?" Cheryl raised her eyebrow. There are students from other majors who know her. She was familiar with his face but forgot the name.


"I am, Essam. I knew you gorgot it. We used to go to school." Cheryl grinned. She quickly forgot people, only remembered a glimpse of their face. Cheryl was terrible at remembering people's names, let alone all the characters she had to pick up on.

"Oh yes." Cheryl's memory goes back to the past, ah Essam was a senior in junior high school when Cheryl was still in grade VII, and many seniors expressed love for her, but Cheryl never responded. Cheryl had never been in love in her life, which was the first time she had fallen in love. But it seems she must bleed. First, it works.

A bright or appeared in Cheryl's head. Aren't they one faculty?

"Ah, yes. I remember, that you're—. Yes-yes remember." Cheryl got along well.

"Oh yeah, you're in class with Joko?" Rose closed her mouth. She almost laughed out loud. For what is Cheryl so stupid and innocent?

"Who's Joko?" Essam was surprised. Since when did he have the name Joko in his class? Joko Tingkir? Joker?

"Joko, your friend."

"Who is it? There's no name Joko in class." Damn Sandra! Want to taste it, Cheryl splashed Sandra's annoying face with hard water.

"It's the most handsome in class."

"Me." Cheryl laughed. Essam isn't ugly, but he's not Cheryl's type. And they weren't what Cheryl was expecting. Only that Joko, who managed to make Cheryl's heart flower.

"If they are handsome, everyone is handsome. Technique, the average guy is all."

"Anyway, there's a J initial." Rose finally opened her voice. Will not find a bright spot if Cheryl's agility exceeds the limit.

"Juna?" Rose nodded. Juna? Such a beautiful name. Just hearing the name made Cheryl fall in love even more. Moreover, Juna belongs to her.

"Yes, Juno. You guys in same class right?" Essam nodded.

"Yes. Oh yeah, what was it about you guys? Must be a boy's fight?" Cheryl laughed out loud. Rose saw Cheryl; she suddenly fell silent. What would happen if Cheryl found out how she felt now? They liked one person. And, now, Rose buries her feelings far away.

"Ahaha. Where does the theory come from? You know, Rose likes old people. She doesn't like young ones." Essam smiled. The grown-up Cheryl looks even more stunning. Cheryl's laugh and voice, and her cheerfulness, made anyone fall in love with her.

"Oh yes, can I have your cellphone number?" Cheryl smiled devilishly. The mission is okay, right? In this way, the road to the aisle will be more comfortable. That is, the way to the embrace of the prince heart is getting wider open.

"Ah, I should have asked for Cheryl's number."

The man smiled. And took out his cell phone. Cheryl gave her cell phone number.

"Immediately send a message to me."

"Oh yes, thank you." Cheryl pulled Rose's hand away from there. One step, it's open. I was just waiting for the next step.

Rose ran towards her class. Earlier, they skipped with the excuse of permission to go to the toilet. Hopefully, the bag isn't thrown away.


Classes have disbanded, and Cheryl's classmates have formed their respective colonies and mostly choose to go to the canteen.

Rose and Cheryl sat behind the faculty, right under the pine tree.

Sure enough, there is already an incoming message.

E: save, Essam.

C: Cheryl, are you studying?

Not long after, the message was read and replied to.

E: yes.

C: Juna studied too?

E: yes.

C: send greetings to Juno. Saying severe study, so quickly apply to me 🤭🤭🤭.

Cheryl grinned. She imagined the handsome face of Juna, who was seriously studying.

E: Juno? Joko?

C: hehehe, typo🤪🤪. I prefer to call him Juno.

E: Do you want me to take a photo of Juna?

Cheryl giggled even more. The Universe is supporting her now. At home, she can feel hell. The important thing on campus is that she is happy. Moreover, there is the idol of the heart.

C: Yes, XD

Picture received.

She can see the image of a man who is seriously paying attention to the lecturer's explanation. (The picture is cool. Lol)

Even though the picture that was sent was the one class state image, Cheryl immediately posted a story on her social media.

He's so serious my hubby very tired. Don't focus on them. Just focus on me.

#Iwashappy #beautifulfallinlove #future #waiting

Rose, who saw Cheryl turned into a narcissist, immediately wanted to vomit. Rose was worried, Cheryl went overboard, and finally, her best friend was disappointed. Cheryl's life is dark; don't let her love fate be the same.

F: waiting for the good news.

Rose replied to the message. Cheryl ignored her and was busy exchanging messages with Essam.

C: it's okay, ask for Juno's number ^^

E: Juna...

I think Cheryl wants to dance Zumba for the sake of her success.

Cheryl immediately saved the contact under the name: future, father of my child, prince on horseback.

"For what, I've got the number."

"Seriously?" Cheryl proudly shows off the name. Rose rolled her eyes. She wanted Cheryl to be happy, but Rose was afraid that one day Cheryl would be disappointed.

"Yes, send him a message now." Rose ordered. She wondered how Juna would respond. Did the man serve Cheryl?

"Ckckck. He must be really romantic. Why not from the first." Cheryl chewed her bag, anxiously. Imagining, Juna's handsome face chuckled because of her small change. Cheryl stomped her feet.

"Ah ... Rose, I think I married young. When I do, I don't want to go out for long, just apply." Rose want to knock Cheryl on the head wearing the expensive shoes she wears. How could it be? Cheryl, the hot worm, was already thinking that way. Just taking care of herself, it's not right.

"Yes, let me hurry."

"Ah ... I'm happy." Cheryl hugged Rose very tightly.

"Okay, send a message there." Cheryl's consciousness returned. She took her cell phone and sent a message to her prince.

"How do I say?" Cheryl is confused to start a chat with a crush. She never liked people before. Usually, there are messages from lots of random men who want to get acquainted with her.

"Hi future. I predict, in ten years, there will be little children who call me Mother and call you father." Celtic Rose from. Cheryl pursed her lips.

"Hi, I'm Cheryl. Beautiful and charming, who brings you to your knees."

"Better the one I have."

"Okay, Hi I'm Cheryl. You're Juna, right? Junawan from my prayers." Cheryl and Mawar laugh together, how ridiculous they are.

"Aha! Calm down, this is me, my brain is always thin and smart."

C: Hi, I'm Cheryl. Yesterday accidentally grabbed your dick. Do you still remember?

"Oh crap!  Cher. Why do you have to bring a dick?"

"Let him remember immediately." Cheryl grinned.

"There are boys instead. Oh shit! you went too far." Rose Oil. She was sure. Juna immediately shivered. There is a beautiful girl with a perverted brain like that. Cheryl should be embarrassed, and there's no need to bring up the crazy thing. However, her best friend, who goes wrong, brings up a problem that damages her reputation and self-esteem as a woman.

"He must be smiling lecherously. I'm beautiful." Cheryl tossed her hair. For some reason, Cheryl was sure, Juna also fell in love at first sight like herself.


Incoming message beeps. Cheryl was sure it was from a prince on horseback. Because before, he had set a unique ringtone.

J: dick? Sorry, you're in the wrong person. I never shows my dick.

Cheryl's face fell straight down. Genuine shame!


Go on, Cheryl idiocy. I want to create a shameless girl character, and the boss is too much like Cheryl.

Me : Rose tell your friends. I was shame, write her, her brain is still small 🤕🤕🤕

Rose: Nope! I've never been friends with her.

Cheryl : ah ... I was taken over. But so sorry, i just want to cut Juno.

(Me and Rose immediately gag)

See you 💋💋💋💋💋

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