Scene 6

C: You're lying😏😏😏. We met before at the campus print shop.

J: Sorry, I've never been to a campus print shop. You're mistaken.

C: Hey you, it's not funny. Don't be like this, and I'll be sad. Sob, even🤒🤒🤒

J: Nope! I'm talking about reality.

Cheryl was confused by this answer. He was the wrong person, or that handsome guy had no interest in her at all?

C: Is this Juna?

J: I am. 

C: Five semester?

J: I am.

C: You're majoring in engineering?

J: Yep! Exactly. But, there are many techniques.

C: please send me of your photo.

J: Nah, I'll be stuck again.

C: Nooooooo ..... I want to master it.

J: picture received.

Cheryl gaped again. What was she doing wrong? Already, she lowered her self-respect, brought everything, and now, the wrong person? Hopefully, this Juna doesn't know her.

Cheryl immediately called Rose.

"Yo." Rose answered lazily on the other end of the phone.Rose's voice sounded like she just woke up.

"For what reason, I was in the wrong person. Crazy right? Huh, so embarrassed Rose. Hopefully he doesn't know me, I asked him to send a photo, not Juno we want."

"Hahaha, oh crap! That's why I said, why do you have to say dick before."

"I'm good at it." Cheryl pouted. Rose is evil. Rose should strengthen her, not laugh at her. Her crazy friend!

"Okay Okay, just ask whose his name is."

"All right." Cheryl hung up and sent another message.

C: So you know the handsome Juna?

J: oh, that Juna. I see. We're different classes. He's a TM 02.

C: Shit! Why didn't you say from the start 🤕🤕🤕 I'm ashamed now. Thank you, bro.

J: it's okay. 

C: oh yes, can I asked for Juna's number? 

J: I don't have. If I meet him, I'll ask.

C: All right. thank you. Don't tell anyone else, about dick problem.

J: Yes.

C: Thanks. Bye.

"Damn! Damn!" Cheryl tilted her head against the pillow. Shame on her!

Cheryl prayed, sh hope she never met Juna's ugly, who made a bad reputation.

Men will lose respect if they know she is not ashamed to open the damn shame. Cheryl didn't mean to embarrass herself. She just wanted to get to the point so that her prince could understand. However, she was the wrong target.

Cheryl's stomach rang. It was night now. Cheryl finally went to the dining table, even though she knew there was no food on the table. Cheryl finally unpacked the noodles contained in Styrofoam.

Cheryl waited while the water dispenser was hot and changing color. Why does her fate have to be bad luck? Why are there so many obstacles for a man who doesn't necessarily get back at her? Cheryl leaned her head on the table.

Cheryl glanced at the dispenser that was changing color. With heavy steps, Cheryl filled the hot water, opened the noodle seasoning.

Cheryl moved to the front sofa. At the same time, she was thinking about what steps she would take. Did she ask the person directly? Would Juna give Cheryl his cell phone number? Cheryl's dilemma. But she was sure, the handsome man had the same feeling and was now waiting for Cheryl to call him. Yes, Cheryl sure is.

Cheryl's heart was about to fall out when her mother came into the house, still wearing office clothes. Cheryl is silent; her mother is quiet.

Cheryl glanced with the tail of her eye, the biological mother who opened her shoes and entered the room. A feeling of tightness hit her chest. When do they get along? Their blood was so thick, but why were they like enemies? Cheryl, with lusted, put the noodles in her mouth.

In Cheryl's memory since childhood, she never chatted and spoiled her mother. She had to be independent before her time. And Cheryl covered all the wounds, pretended to be happy, and was the most excited human in school until she went to college.

Even after the separation from school and taking report cards, Cheryl always left someone else. Or he took her report cards herself when everyone was out. And all the teachers already know Cheryl's fate.

When Cheryl won the English speech contest, she accepted the prize with a casual face. Not a happy sharpener, and proud. Because no one is proud to see her achievements, Cheryl has been reluctant to study since then. Her grades continued to decline until high school, and he got used to being lazy when he was in college.

In the past, Cheryl thought that her mother would be proud and consider herself a child with her achievement. Her mother never knows whether she has won or not. Even Cheryl doubted her mother, couldn't remember her birthday.

Every birthday, Cheryl celebrates herself with Meredith. Only that old diary knew all of Cheryl's wounds. Except, Rose was the first and only person to congratulate and gift Cheryl from malice. Because Cheryl is always threatening if they don't give gifts, their friendship breaks.

Unconsciously, Cheryl's tears flowed. Eating with tears won't make Cheryl's body fat. The food that comes in is immediately distributed to his heart. And make Cheryl eat liver all the time.

Her mother opened the room, and the beautiful young woman changed clothes, black shorts, and super tight clothes. Cheryl had to admit, and her mother was much prettier than herself. But why didn't her mother get married? Is she in the way so that his mother can't get married? If so, Cheryl could get out of this house and seek outside life.

"M-m-m-have you eaten?" It was like lifting a ton of rock. So hard, but Cheryl made it. Lately, Cheryl has been trying to break the ice. But it seems that her mother cannot accept the situation. Cheryl could understand if her mother had a personal grudge in the past, and Cheryl was sure everything had to do with her.

Her mother, who sat beside her child, turned her attention from the cellphone and stared at her only child. Her heart is still too hard to accept Cheryl. Don't blame her. She's just a hurt woman.

"Want to eat out?" The sentence slid from Delisha's lips. She thought she could eat together to warm the atmosphere. After all, Cheryl is innocent. She couldn't keep punishing her daughter, who didn't know what. Delisha is in torment. Seeing Cheryl, sometimes she wanted to embrace her daughter's frail body. But her ego is still too big. Who knows how long he will be sincere. This incident has been going on for more than decades. It feels fresh in her mind and like it just happened yesterday afternoon.

"T-it's eating." Cheryl was nervous and scared, showing the noodles in the box, which was still full because the noodles' taste was bland.

"If you want to come, come on." Her mother stood up. Cheryl only watched her mother dare to come out dressed so openly. Cheryl weighed whether she should come or not.

Cheryl was still in doubt and was thinking about whether to go along or not.

Heard a car sound. Cheryl quickly put the noodles on the table and looked for her battered sandals. Yes, she only wears pajamas, Hello Kitty pajamas.

"Mom, wait!" Cheryl surprised herself with her courage. Trembling, she entered.

"Lock the door." Delisha asked with a flat face. Cheryl grinned and went downstairs to lock the door.

Cheryl came in. In all her life, this is the first time she has gotten into her mother's car. She was never invited. The car was so fragrant, clean, and well maintained.

Music was on. Cheryl just looked straight. Why does it feel strange to be around your mother? What is wrong? What's wrong with being born into this world?

The awkward atmosphere made these two humans of different status just keep quiet. Eager, Cheryl and her mother chat together warmly.

"What do you want to eat?"

"N-don't know." Cheryl pinched her hand. Why should the answer be stupid? She can reveal her favorite food and the portion of her meal that she gradually catches from Rose.

"Fine, just pizza." Incidentally, there is a hot pizza in front. The silver car went into the hot pizza parking lot.

The atmosphere is quiet. Only three tables are filled. Cheryl and her mother entered. Everyone was amazed as if they saw two angels enter. However, Delisha's body is better maintained.

"Buy two, topping, black pepper beef."

Cheryl just looked around. Eager, she chatted with her mother. Cheryl wants some warmth between them. Like her mother asked her what GPA this semester, did Cheryl have a boyfriend, did she have a broken heart, did she ever kiss. That simple dream feels difficult for her to achieve.

Delisha is busy with her cell phone. Cheryl looked at her mother, who was still fresh, wearing light purple nail polish and her nails so well-groomed. Being near her mother, Cheryl felt insecure. If she believed she was pretty, being around Delisha made Cheryl feel like she was so dotted.

Continued to be ignored or no warm chatter, Cheryl went to the bathroom.

Cheryl stood there for a long time, looking in the mirror. Cheryl always blames herself when it's like this. Cheryl knew that her mother had never given birth to her. Just once, Cheryl hoped her mother would come to terms with the situation and could take it. Cheryl wanted to feel her warm embrace, even if only for a minute.

A single tear rolled down Cheryl's smooth cheek. The girl wiped her tears, deliberately washed her hands, and went out.

"Hey you." Cheryl turned to two young men in their twenties, calling out to herself, Cheryl approaching.


"Send greetings to your sister." The young man pointed at Delisha. Cheryl pursed her lips, sure that her mother was often the food of the male eye.

"That's my mother."

The two youths laughed. They believe Cheryl was lying. It is impossible, mom and daughter if they look the same age. It must be Cheryl and Delisha's, sisters.

"Get her cell phone number."

" I don't have. If you want, ask yourself. "

"Ah, stingy little sister!"

"Alright." Cheryl snorted in annoyance.

"What is this?" Delisha walked over to her daughter, who seemed teased by others.

The youths fell silent. Surprisingly, looking at Delisha directly up close made them jump instantly.

Returning to her desk, Cheryl followed closely behind. Their order has arrived. Cheryl watched her mother completely unfocused on eating. The woman's eyes continued to stare at the cellphone screen, smiling.

Cheryl smiled sadly. When was she given such attention? When did her mother smile warmly at her? Again Cheryl took a bite of the flour while eating the liver inside.

Delisha's cell phone also kept ringing, like running water. There must be a lot of men who approached her.

Cheryl ate in silence, occasionally glancing at the busy street. Sometimes unconsciously, the tears flow. God ... when am I happy? That's all Cheryl always says. Hope God hears her groaning, and God reaches out His hand to accept Cheryl's moan.

"Have you eaten?" Cheryl looked at the three remaining pizza pieces. Even with a sore heart, the pizza was also sold out.

With hulk-like strength, Cheryl put a pizza two pieces at a time in her mouth. She applied knowledge from Rose.

Delisha was amazed by the miraculous behavior of her daughter. Is she starving? Until eating like that.

"Then come on." At full speed, Cheryl ground the flour into large pieces and went straight into her throat. Cheryl lowered it with water. Cheryl looked at her mother's pizza, which was only eaten by two. Is her mom on a diet? Happily, Cheryl asked it all.

After paying, the two different age twins came out. Again, the atmosphere was awkward, enveloping them.

Cheryl noticed how her pro mom turned the wheel with those manicured fingers.

"Don't be upset with boys." Cheryl could only look down. Odd? You mean, Delisha thought that Cheryl was flirting with the two boys? She thought Cheryl wanted to cry again. What happens if her mother finds out if she is chasing someone now. Would her mom call herself cheap? Is it cheap? Cheryl became even more discouraged. She felt like crying now. Cheryl needs Meredith. Only Meredith understood it.

"Let's go shopping first." Cheryl and her mother walked into one of the busiest supermarkets in their city.

Cheryl just followed behind.

"What shampoo do you usually use?" Cheryl shook her head. She uses any shampoo. The important thing is washing it.

Both of them get into the soap rack. Cheryl seemed to see someone who often haunted her mind. Yep, that's Juna. The prince is also shopping. Cheryl is surprised. Is Juna a boarding house boy?

Cheryl wanted to call him, but she was reluctant. Her mothers will consider herself as a cheap.

"My prince." Cheryl whispered. Delisha was crouched smelling a scented looking soap. Cheryl's cat eyes kept an eye on the man, but he couldn't get close.

Juna is in the back area, like looking for vegetables and meat.

"Already got it. Looking for what else?" Cheryl finally lost track of Juna. Her mom shopped a lot this time. Cheryl's heart was cheerful when they got behind the vegetable section, even though they never cooked at home.

"What do you want to buy? But we never cook, huh. Okay, just buy canned food." Juna is missing. Cheryl was disappointed. If she couldn't speak, most of Cheryl could show herself and show Juna. They could meet in unexpected places. Indirectly they are matched.

"That's over." Cheryl pushed the trolley languidly. She wanted to see Juna, at least say hi.

Long queues at payments allowed Cheryl to look for Juna's figure in a busy supermarket.

Cheryl looked straight ahead. To het disappointment, it turned out that Juna had left by putting groceries in the car.

Cheryl swallowed her hardened saliva. Juna embraced a girl's shoulder, and Cheryl was very familiar with that body.

What does it mean, Juna already has a lover?


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