Scene 9

Broken heart.

Heartbreak can have an impact on people who experience it. Some are heartbroken and evolve into fake humans. In that sense, they are turning into a successful human being. Starting from a broken heart, they crawled up for revenge for hurt feelings. Some turn into psychopaths when they experience great heartbreak.

And Cheryl is not among those humans. The girl just curled up all day until all night in bed. Crying, yes, she cried. Juna broke all of her bones, down from the spine to the marrow. Extraordinary. Just eating, she has no appetite.

Cheryl felt that Meredith was unable to accommodate all of her bitter complaints. Meredith couldn't.

Cheryl is still crying on the bed with her clothes that haven't been changed for four days. Such a broken heart.

Cheryl still remembers, when Juna came out, she cried and wanted to kill herself. Cheryl couldn't, and she felt the world was cruel to her. The world was never on her side. About 10 minutes, Ro

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