Scene 10

The chat between Cheryl and Galvin gets more intense. Galvin was such a caring, polite man. 

A lot of the dimes Galvin did to make Cheryl laugh. At least that girl smiled shyly. The girl forgot Juna. In her heart, Juna's name is still embedded there. She felt God is not fair. Why, God didn't send Galvin first until she didn't have to meet Juna, who broke all her heart and bones. 

This afternoon Galvin asked Cheryl to meet him. She was hanging out like any other teenager. But Galvin said there'd be Juna there, so Cheryl had to take Rose. 

Cheryl has also promised that, until they get home from college, they can go there. Cheryl wants to make peace and accepts everything, or at least Juna is amazed at her attitude. Because Cheryl believes, gradually, Juna will see herself. 

Cheryl wants her to look elegant in Juna's eyes now. Although she once humbled herself to the bottom. But Cheryl wants to fix everything from now on. Be calm, like men wi

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