Scene 13

Cheryl tore up Rose's writing paper. She kept the paper in her bra because there was no pocket on her shirt. Cheryl made a small fold and tucked it inside.

Cheryl is undoubtedly shocked. All this time, Rose has been pretending to mock her and Juna, even though she likes Juna. How deep is it? Rose likes Juna?

Cheryl was silent for quite a long time. She do not know what to do. Cheryl can't hate Rose, Rose is everything. But why does it have to be Juna? Are there no other men in this world? Rose can like Aldo, Galvin, Esam, and other guys in their class. Why does it have to be Juna? Why?

Rose's feelings for Juna were a disaster, and she couldn't possibly hate Rose. The only Rose she had in this world, the one who always understood her. Cheryl looked down and squeezed her hair, not understanding her life's eternal destiny. She was sobbing; she couldn't possibly forget her feelings for Juna. The man was Cheryl's first love, as well as Cheryl's future dreams. But wha

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