Scene 15

The two humans in the room were both shocked. Rose just gaped, closing her mouth. Cheryl's tears came down while holding her cheek, which Rose slapped By the most trusted person on earth.

"Just because of a boy who doesn't know whose heart it is for, but you slapped me!" Cheryl's tears fell. Not because of the slap, but she was hurt as if Rose preferred Juna over her.

"You're presumptuous! Why open people's privacy?!"

"But I found an answer! Why does you have to pretend, If you like Juna?"

"Because I want to respect your feelings! You are selfish, Cheryl! Never understand me. Who knows I am a versatile human who can be used at will!" Rose voiced all the complaints she had kept while she was friends with Cheryl.

"Not like that..."

"Shut up!" Snapped Rose.

"I hate you, Cheryl! I hate you!" Cheryl immediately ran to the room. She couldn't bear to hear other hurtful words—painful words than Juna's rejection. Rose are more valuable t

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