Scene 16

Cheryl's hands were shaking at the message. She was fanning her face, her eyes heating up. Tell her zhe is too much, Juna, who she can only reach in a dream. Even in a dream, Juna looks cruel, suddenly sending Cheryl a message of love, as if tomorrow is the end of the world.

"Shit! Shit!" Cheryl rubbed her eyes. She wasn't dreaming, and this wasn't Juna lie, not Elsa Frozen, not Tinkerbell. This was real Juna, prince on horseback.

"Ah ... oh my. Crazy! This is crazy! Jeez!" Cheryl was still slapping her cheek, and she wasn't dreaming. Tacky, Cheryl kissed the flat object many times, as if she had kissed Juna. If Juna were in front of her, she would be the happiest girl in the Milky Way galaxy.

"Huh ..." Cheryl exhaled in a huff and blew her bangs. She held her cheek, which was still warm.

"I can get a real fever. Missing fever, hihi." Cheryl giggled. She picked up her cell phone and sat squatting on the edge of the bed.

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