Scene 17

Like people dating for the first time, that feeling of awkwardness must be created. The feeling is present because of the inability to break the ice.

Cheryl is just a stone's side next to Juna. If she can choose, Cheryl will be with Aldo, who is annoying but fun, even though it's only filled with unfaithful arguments. Juna is busy playing with his cellphone, while Cheryl is on the side, only able to play with dry leaves. At the same time, she was waiting for Juna to open a conversation.

Since this acquaintance, Rose and Aldo chose to leave and let Cheryl and Juna approach the process.

"Where is your house?" Cheryl asked awkwardly. Cheryl bit her tongue and pinched her own body. Very stupid! Why does it have to be such a helpful question, which comes out of her tiny mouth?

Juna looked closely at Cheryl. If it wasn't forced and it wasn't Rose's request, Juna wanted Cheryl to be her sister, not trapped in a situation like this! Cheryl held her breath when Juna's

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