Scene 18

Cheryl's heart was beating, beating wildly. Cold sweat ran down her palms, and large sweat poured from his forehead to her entire face. Her neck felt a moment's cramp. She was short of breath.

"Come on." Take Juna. Cheryl shook her head and wanted to go home. She didn't want to. There was an embarrassing event, and sh got rejected. Cheryl is permanently traumatized if she gets denied.

"Alright." Juna took Cheryl's hand and brought the girl into his house. Juna complied with Cheryl's request to meet future in-laws. Even Cheryl didn't prepare anything. She didn't get any cakes or gifts of the sort.

Juna's house is quiet. Cheryl went inside and saw the expensive furniture in Juna's living room. Juna's home is not too big, but the interior looks are screaming, luxurious and expensive.

Cheryl saw a beautiful little girl, around 6-7 years old, playing with a doll. Cheryl smiled, she liked kids, and she quickly got along.

The little girl is gorgeous.


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