Scene 21

"For a month's provisions." Cheryl handed a box of tissue to Juna, which she had tied with a pink ribbon.

The three handsome boys will carry out practical work to practice their knowledge for five semesters. Juna and friends wore their distinctive dark blue primary uniforms, which made Cheryl squeal tacky because everything looked fabulous in her eyes. Since there was nothing he could give her, Cheryl ran to the shop and bought tissue, with a straightforward philosophy: when Juna sweats, he can use a tissue to wipe his sweat. Because as far as Cheryl knows, the Electrical Engineering department must end up sweating because of struggling with heavy equipment.

"Me?" teased Galvin, raising his eyebrows. Cheryl shyly takes a bottle of isotonic drink for Galvin so that the guy can work hard. Cheryl is still embarrassed and just remembered that her status has changed, even though nothing has changed her activities. She managed to make Cheryl sleep

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