Scene 22

'You're selfish.'

Finally, Cheryl was able to pour what she felt. Unrest for 19 years, she breathed air, could say without fear, even though she had to get a sadistic slap from Delisha. Everything was worth it for Cheryl. Her mom is too much. She never cares for her, and when she watches a little, it doesn't necessarily make her control Cheryl's whole life.

Cheryl cried a little, but she felt that she had had enough tears so far. Delisha had never wholly accepted herself. Cheryl sometimes realized that she was just an adopted child who would never be considered forever.

Cheryl was in the mirror, feeling her hot cheeks. Cheryl needs someone's protective figure who is ready to hear her complaints. Someone who is always there when he needs it. Someone who can lend her chest as a place to strengthen everything. And it's only Juna that Cheryl thinks about now. Cheryl closed her eyes. When will Juna be understand? Was Cheryl the fi

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