Scene 23

"So?" asked Cheryl leaning on the one motorbike.

"Ready to live our story?" asked the boy. Cheryl nodded. What's wrong with trying. She will try this man in her life, even though she knows the end will be disappointed.

"Want to go strolling?" asked the one. Cheryl nodded. Cheryl looked to the end; Rose was standing there. She coded for Rose to tell her to go home, and she will have a date today.

"But, how is your practice?"

"Easy." Cheryl nodded. The One started the motorbike. Cheryl, who was tired of wearing the dress, was sorry she chose the wrong costume. She should have worn pants.

The girl tried to close the dress from the wind, the motorbike sped across the street, Cheryl didn't know where the one took her to. She wanted to hug, but doubts came back. Finally, Cheryl just held the hem of the one jacket while inhaling the masculine scent. The distinctive smell of a guy makes anyone feel at home kissing him.

The two of them walked through

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