Scene 33

Three weeks, Rose dared to visit her friend's grave. The last three weeks were her toughest period, the times she was at the bottom of life. Cheryl's departure brought deep sorrow to all those left behind.

Now, their association is no longer what it used to be. Everything is no longer the same, and there is only an emptiness they feel.

Rose was squatting in front of Cheryl's grave, staring emptily. There was nothing she did, apart from sitting there in the time she couldn't determine when she could accept this cruel fate.

Cheryl Anastasia.

A cheerful girl with many wounds in her heart. However, she acted silly to entertain others.

"How long haven't I seen you?" asked Rose, holding the headstone. Yes, her eyes were still swollen, and she cried day and night. Sometimes, Rose wakes up in the middle of the night crying like crazy, making all her family worry that she has a mental breakdown.

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