Scene 34

"Considering, that based on the facts, obtained during the trial period from the testimonies of witnesses, as well as the testimony of the defendant and existing evidence, it was known that on Saturday, November 21 at around 11:34, was close to the Hill Road to Down raod, defendant Mark driving a four-wheeled vehicle, had hit a woman named Cheryl Anastasia who was crossing the road—"

Rose immediately left the room from the trial, unable to hear any further. Make herself worse and worse at the same time. She should have been there to accompany Juna because that man was the witness that continued until today's trial, and the verdict was guilty.

Delisha also joined but didn't dare to go inside. The woman was waiting outside, with the sash covering her head, the clothes typical of mourning people.

Rose closed her mouth and immediately hugged Delisha, wiping her snot and tears with a tissue.

"We're strong, right?" asked

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