The roar of the sky showed the power. Nature is in control now. And Rose is grateful that the situation supports her to cry and reflect on what happened.

Juna only saw his wife from afar. He knew that the woman was devastated. What do you guys expect if everything has happened and we are just weak humans who are helpless to fight destiny?

"Honey." scolds Juna holding his wife's back, who is so fragile. Rose cry in the rain. When Jasmine left, the house was quiet even though Rose often listened to her mother cry and her father tried to be strong to calm his wife. Jasmine's departure left scars like Cheryl's.

Rose contemplated her life and fate. Her best friend and younger sister left her.

"Why is it like this? Why should it be like this?" Rose looked down and shook her head. Juna took his wife in his arms and stroked his back, letting her cry as best she could.

"We already have Anna. Wouldn't Anna be sad if she found out that her mother kept complai

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