Chapter 4.

I finish setting up the table for dinner, I count the number of plates, the twins and I, Bestie, Zuso and Mma, perfect! As I make sure that everything is set, I look at the other end of the table and think how K was supposed to be sitting there.

How we would've been married by now and with the kids, but life didn't work that way. I set the glasses and go freshen up in my room.

These Friday dinners have been a tradition ever since the twins were born, they really helped me out because after they were born I wasn't coping at all, being a single mother and being at school as well, was hell!

I had to finish off my degree with online schooling, which wasn't that bad cause I had more time for my babies. I'm just thankful that Mma didn't abandon me when she found out I was pregnant, she supported me and would take care of the kids when I would be busy with school.

It surely wasn't easy but this little family I have helped me a lot, Zuso take them over to their house sometimes for the weekend to let me "unwind" as they say, I love my kids but sometimes I need some me time.

After freshening up and wearing my tights and sweater, something I know mom will disapprove of, honestly wearing dresses and heels is tiring! The fact that I had to wear that stuff the whole week tired me out! I really hate that stuff, but as the CEO of my small company, I have to look presentable when I'm in the office.

I miss working out there in the field, but now all I do is supervise what my employees are doing and check out their designs. However, when I get the opportunity I run to it wanting to smash a house open and starting from scratch.

Just like my house, I built it from scratch and I've never been prouder of my projects! Enough about me now, I walk to the twin's room to see if they're ready and I'm not surprised to find them on their gadgets.

The only time they get off those is when Tammy is here, I asked her to use literal books and not these smart gadgets! I try to get them to read books but it's been a failure all the way. They're only going to start going to school in the 5th grade, I don't want them to be totally introverted and want to take over the world one day.

"Mommy, you coming?" Khuli tugs on my shirt looking up at me with those beautiful eyes, it's crazy how they look so much like K, from those olive-green eyes with specks of brownish-gold. Their lips, the only thing they got from me is their nose and I like to think their hair is a mixture of mine and his. I'm just jealous that they look so much like him. 

"You guys excited for tonight's dinner? Mama is coming!" 

They grin at each other and nod their heads vigorously, suspicious. I wonder what they up to now.

I put them down once we reach the kitchen and take out the wine for the adults and juice for the kids, the doorbell rings and I go open the door.

"Hey, babe!" Zoé screamed pulling me into a hug as if it's been long since we saw each other but it's only been a week.

"Hey T." I hug Thuso and kiss her cheek, Zo is already with the kids and pinching their cheeks, I know how much she wants children but T isn't ready.

"How are you feeling?" T asked looking at me in the eye, I know immediately what she's talking about and I sigh.

"Flipping frustrated! Confused and scared. I don't know what to do." I whisper out and see that Zo is standing with us once again.

She pulled me into another hug and patted my back softly, "You'll figure it out. Whatever happens we here for you okay babe?" I nod my head and hug both of them, feeling an extra set of small bodies joining the hug we laugh.

"I don't believe this! You guys having a group hug without the most important person of the group!" Bo always has to have a dramatic entrance.

"Argh come in here you!" Zo shouts and he comes over between me and Zo, "jealous much?" Zo asked and Bo stuck out his tongue for her causing all of us to laugh.

"I love you guys." I said as we all parted from the hug.

"What about me?" A voice asked behind us and I slowly turned around to find K, my heart beat faster and suddenly my audio box couldn't work anymore.

"I hope it's okay I invited him, actually the kids did but they asked me because you would say no and be mad at them for meddling in your..." 

"It's okay." I cut Bo off as he rambles, I turn to the twins with a forced smile but the moment I look into their eyes I melt and give them a genuine smile, "Next time ask mommy okay?"

"Okay, mommy. We just really wanted K to come because he's so much fun." Khaili gave me her toothless smile and I smiled back. I turned back to K and gave him a small smile.

"You're welcome to stay, there has to be some food to feed you around here." I walked to the kitchen where everybody else is.

"There surely is..." He muttered so low I swear I wouldn't have heard him correctly. Everybody is already sitting and I see that an extra plate was put onto the table.

I looked over to Zo and she shot me a smile, I glared at her because she will be giving him the idea he is the man of this home! But he is.

The doorbell rings and I run to it and find my mom looking gorgeous, I pulled her into a hug because for one I was feeling overwhelmed with everything and there's nothing as comforting as a mother's hug.

"I'm here too kiddo!" A warm voice said and I screamed lunging to the man.

"Mr S! Mom didn't tell me you were coming as well!" Mr S was a darling, he also helped me out during the difficult times in my life.

He was a really nice man who for his age was still considered as good looking up to my standards, mom certainly did choose a beautiful man here.

"You'd swear he's your mother." My mom muttered, Mr S and I laughed and both kissed her cheeks.

"You're my mother and superhero!" I told her enthusiastically.

"You bet! Now, where are my real children?" She asked walking to the dining room.

"Grandchildren, I'm your child." I muttered feeling replaced by my children.

"It's okay Kiddo, you're my child as well." Mr S kissed the top of my head and we followed my mom who was giving the children gifts.

"Mma what did I say about you buying things for them every time you come over?" I asked feeling annoyed because we've had this conversation a million times and her response always is...

"Do you guys hear anyone talking?" Wow!, "Besides these are my babies Rina." She shrugged her shoulders as if I'm not her baby as well.

"Whatever, let's sit down." I see K still standing awkwardly there but with confidence radiating off him as if he owns the place, "Uhm K you can sit at the other end of the table."

My mom looks at me with wide eyes the whole table does and I clear my throat taking my seat at the head of the table.

"Mma and Mr S, that's Khalil. Khalil, my parents." I introduce them before my mom says I'm rude.

"Nice to meet you, dear. In-person I have to say you look much more beautiful and manly!" My mother said with a huge grin and Mr S cleared his throat, "But you're the only man I want." She kissed his cheek and couldn't help but cringe because of where my mind went.

K saw my reaction and grinned, "Same to you mam, I see where Rina gets her looks." My eyes snapped to him to see he was already looking at me, my mom giggled and Mr S said something which made the whole table laugh but K and I were still having a staring contest.

My mom nudged my side and I smirked, "K. Since you're the guest, please bless the table." He looks at me with wide eyes and clears his throat.

"May we please join hands and close our eyes." We all did as he asked and he prayed, surprising me because last I checked he didn't believe in religion.

"You're religious now?" Zo asked shocked as I was and K shook his head no.

"No, I just remembered something Rina taught me all those years ago. I must say Mrs S that you gave birth to a wonderful daughter!" He already won my mother over a long time ago, in fact after he told her she was beautiful and he called her Mrs S!

"Oh yes, son..." Son? Son!!! No, he must not be called son, has she forgotten what happened!? I've tuned out all conversations around me gathering the empty dishes and putting them into the dishwasher.

Apparently now we're all going to watch a movie, and guess who's idea that was? K! We're all sitting in the living area and watching The Avengers. I'm sharing the couch with the twins and K, Zuso are sitting together, K is sitting on the loveseat alone eating whatever it is he found in my fridge and my parents left saying they were still active too, I didn't really need to know that part though.

"You should take them to their rooms." K whispered in my ear, I was absentmindedly playing with Khuli's curls as he slept on my lap and Khaili on K's. I picked K up and laid his head on my shoulder going for Khaili, "It's okay. I'll help you." He picked her up bridal style and she snuggled up against his chest.

My stomach dropped and my eyes teared at the sight, I turned and walked upstairs before I could cry. I put Khuli in his and kissed his forehead after covering him up, I walked over to Khaili's bed and did the same for her, K was standing by the doorway.

I walked out and he closed the door leaving it s bit open, enough for light to enter the room.

"Are you okay?" He asked grabbing my shoulders and turning me to him, I nodded my head and tried to pull away from him, "Foxie look at me. What's wrong?" He whispered and I couldn't hold it in anymore, I broke into tears and he pulled me in, he hugged me tightly and kissed the top of my head.

"I_ I have to... I don't know-how. I'm so sorry." I try speaking but he shushed me hugging tighter.

"Whatever it is, we'll figure it out together okay?" He said pulling away from the hug a bit to look at me, "whatever it is Foxie." He whispered and I couldn't help but look at his lips, I leaned in and he met me halfway and our lips joined in a passionate kiss.

His hands slid down to my waist before cupping my ass and squeezing it, he thrust his tongue into my mouth and I met his with mine. We both battled for dominance but before anyone of us could win somebody cleared their throat.

"Uhm sorry. We just wanted to tell you we leaving. Carry on. Sorry again. Bye. Love you both! Sorry." Zoé spoke out uncomfortably but anyone could see she was trying to contain her grin, she left with a huge smile and ran down the stairs.

"She's going to..." K spoke and before finishing I answered.


We broke into a fit of laughter as we heard Bo scream and the front door slammed closed and more screaming.

"Look you should probably go. Don't want your ride here to leave you." I whispered.

"Yeah, I should. Uhm thanks for dinner it was quite lovely." He said as he was about to leave through the door. He placed another slow kiss on my lips, "Goodnight Foxie." With that, he left and I closed the door.

This is truly getting out of hand

Hot Ares: Don't wet yourself tonight dreaming about me, I won't be there to clean it up.

Really out of hand!

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