Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire
Author: Flames_Of_Fury

Chapter 1

Young Raven had been on the streets since she was 14 and her mom died. She spots a help wanted sign in a pub run by three seemingly normal brothers but what happens when they are anything but normal. Will she find her way back to then after being kidnapped or will she live without the love of her life and forever be trapped in an abusive relationship.

As I walk through the streets of the Rave, my stomachs growls reminding me that the last meal I had was a scrap of bread the day before. It's a dog eat dog world here in the Sapphire realm and I'd prefer not to be eaten.

My name is Raven, I've been living on the streets of  the Rave for 2 years now. Since my mom, Amanda died when I was 15 I had nowhere else to go so I was left to fend for myself since Then. Jobs would come and go but normally I'd have to scavenge.

The streets aren't as bad as they sound, some people take pity on us and give us food, sometimes even shelter but nothing in this world is free. They always expect some kind of favor in return. I may not have much but I'd like to keep a hold on my dignity. 

I kick a small pebble that skitters into the darkness of the pavement as I walk down, I hear festive sounds coming from the pub at the end of this street but I ignore it. No use hoping to have something you never will. Even though I have magical blood, I'm a fire slifer. I have no clue how to harness my power so it's basically useless. I've only had one or two incidents of nearly burning a house down but other than that I feel basically human.

Normally children are taught by their parents at their coming of age, when they turn sixteen. My mom didn't make it more than 5 days after my 15th birthday before she died. I couldn't save her, she had what the humans call cancer, all over her lungs. It's illegal for us supernatural beings to go to human doctors and nobody could save her.

There is no use dwelling on the past, I think to myself as I kick the pebble a second time. Right now I need to focus on getting food. I look through the window of the pub, glancing at all the people in the warmth and glow of the light. A flyer in the window catches my attention 'help wanted, residency included' 

That doesn't sound half bad I think to myself. I push the door open triggering a small bell in the entrance. Everyone glances in my direction. Taking in my torn and dirty clothes, cropped, dirty black hair and scuffed shoes. It only takes them a moment to return to their conversations like I never even walked in, which is honestly how I prefer it.

I walk up to the bar and plonk myself onto one of the stools.

"Are you still hiring" I ask the young looking man behind the bar.

"That depends who's asking girly" he responds with a deep and gruff voice. 

"I was wondering if I could fill the position" I say, trying to sound soft and feminine, men love a 'damsel in distress'. 

"You look like you'll fit in just fine here" he says, giving me the once over.

"Tommy!" He yells louder than necessary, as a skinny looking boy, no older than 18 comes rushing out of the kitchen. 

"Yes, you called" he says in an impossibly quiet voice.

"Take this young lady to the employees quarters, she can have the room next to yours. Also make sure to give her a uniform so she can start work tomorrow, give her some bread as well, she looks scrawny as hell" The gruff bartender says.

"sure thing"  the timid boy responds before scurrying off towards the kitchen after beckoning me to follow.

As he leads me into the kitchen. I take in the tired looking stove with an equally old looking oven underneath it. There are shelves and shelves stacked with cooking supplies and pots and pans hanging from hooks attached to the ceiling. He hands me a small slice of bread which a wolf down immediately, muttering a thank you through my full mouth.

He continues to lead me down a thin, dimly lit passage That has four doors aligning it. 

"This will be your room" Tommy says as he gestures to the door at the end of the passage, 

"It's just opposite mine so let me know if you need anything." I barely know Tommy but I can already tell that we are going to be friends.

"Thanks Tommy" I reply with a smile. 

"I'll let you get comfortable," Tommy says as he begins to exit the room, "I hope you stay longer than our last waitress did" he adds with a smile as he leaves the room. I don't have anything to unpack, except my small backpack, in it are clothes, some cash and 1 Lone toothbrush. I set it down the rickety bed as I take in my surroundings.

The room isn't big by any stretch of the imagination but it isn't small either, there is a small closet in the corner with uniforms in multiple sizes, in the other corner there is a door that leads into an adjoining bathroom. The bathroom has a tiny shower in the corner, a basin and a toilet too. The bathroom seems pretty stocked up with soaps and toothpaste.

As I head back towards my bed a see a small bedside table with an even smaller lamp atop it, next to it sits a tiny old fashioned alarm clock. The lamp is so tiny it barely lights the room but it's better than darkness. I'm only starting work tomorrow but I'm not sure what time I start so I head out of my room, back down the passage and through the kitchen.

As I walk through the kitchen I bump into a wall-like being. 

"Hey watch where you're going" says a big burly man who looks similar to Tommy, only bulkier.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going" I murmur as I pull away from the man but he catches me by my forearms.

"Whoa little lady, didn't mean to be rude." He says, giving me an appreciative once over.

"What is a pretty lass like you doing in the kitchen?" he asks, still not releasing me. 

"I'm the new waitress, the guy at the bar hired me", I respond as an uneasy feeling creeps up my spine. 

"Oh you mean you mean Jason", the burly man says, "he's my brother, my name's Damian by the way" he adds, extending his hand

"Raven black", I state as I reach out mand shake his hand.

"is Tommy also related to you?" I question with an arched eyebrow

"Yeah, he is only 17 though, I'm 23 and Jason is 21, Tommy is still just a kid" he continues with an almost wistful look in his eye. 

"how old are you sweetheart?" He asks with his charming demeanor.

"I just turned 17 this January" I say, hoping it won't change anything.

"Perfect", he says with a playful glint in his eye. Trying to ignore his flirtatiousness I continue

"What time should I be ready for work tomorrow?" I question Damian  who is still standing to close for comfort.

"I don't usually work with the waitresses but for you I'll make an exception", he says with a wink, "I'll go ask Jason, don't move a muscle" he says as he dashes out of the kitchen.

I stand there awkwardly for about ten seconds before Damian  comes dashing back into the kitchen. "Jason says be dressed in uniform and in the kitchen at 7:30 tomorrow morning, if you're an early riser you know where my room is." He adds with a smirk and a wink.

"Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow then, Goodnight" I brush past him and back into the narrow hallway, all the way to my room.

I take a quick two minute shower and scrub myself down with the coconut scented soap in the shower and brush my teeth. I twist the old alarm clock to wake me up at 7:00 before climbing into bed in one of my oversized ratty T-shirts I pull the cover over me and turn onto my side, away from the closed door. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep this job before they start asking for things I can't give them I think as I drift off to sleep.

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