Chapter 2 - How do I get her?

Dhario POV

I give my speech (the same shit every year, how it is a safe town and no criminal activities have been recorded the year before, how all the women feel safe and how it’s not allowed for anyone to wander around the forest at night).

She looks at me interested in everything I am saying. I can see her biting her lower lip, I can feel her heartbeat. She can feel my eyes on her. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something off with the bloke holding her hand. He is different and his scent is repulsive. But hers... She smells like honey and cinnamon. 

As I finish my speech I walk towards her avoiding some people trying to talk to me. She has her back turned to me. But she feels me, I can see all her body hair getting up. She feels my presence towering over her. Like a scene from a film, she turns around and looks up at me. Our eyes lock and I feel it. I need her. My wolf is agitated. I take in everything about her, her almond shape green eyes and her tanned skin, she is short I’m going to say about 5’5. As I am 6’8. She has curves and her hips are big like she could carry all the pups in the world. Her legs are full and perfect. I can see her getting uncomfortable with my stare and covers her tummy with her arms. I just want her to be confident about her body. I need her to know how obsessed I am with her already. 

“Hello, I’m Dhario” - MATE - my wolf screams 

As she’s about to speak the twat next to her holds her hand again and looks at me defiantly and smiles saying “Hello I am Jack and it is a pleasure to meet you sir” I felt her getting smaller while he talks, but at the same time I see her eyes spark at the sound of his voice and ohhh my wolf wanted to kill him. I ignore his attempt to talk to me and focus on the Goddess in front of me.

“And you are?” - I ask extending my hand towards her (I need to feel her skin on mine). I can feel her body shaking, and I see her looking at him waiting for a signal to talk (I am definitely going to kill him) and he gives her a nod and she grabs my hand saying “Liv, I mean, Olivia Lockwood”

“Lockwood, are you related to Trent Lockwood?” (He was my friend and I took over his pack when he was killed, how didn't I know about her existence?

I see her face get sad “yes sir, he was my father, if I may ask, did you knew him?”

“We shared business together, he was my friend, I am sorry about your loss” - she gives me a really shy smile and moves her attention to her boyfriend. 

And I see the dick-face putting pressure on her hand and I can’t control myself so I grab her and put her behind me looking him in the eyes and saying “don’t you fucking touch her again or I will rip your head out”

I see his face lose all color and she is scared. I scared her. I feel her fear growing, so I turned to face her holding her face between my massive hands “don’t fear my little one, I will always protect you” as an instinct she slaps my face and I growl. Everyone around us is looking at this scene. The guards come towards me and say “we need to leave now” but I can’t leave her with him. I just can’t. I link with my soldiers “keep her safe, if something happens to her it’s your head that will be rolling” and I leave. 

My heart is heavy, I need to kill something, my wolf gets lost without her, and he’s agitated. As I arrive at the packhouse I see Danni with the twins and I avoid her. I walk straight into my office and I break my desk in half. I throw the chair against the window and I see it flying towards the garden, my wolf wants to come out and I let him, I lost control for the first time in years. He’s screaming for our Mate. He wants to be near her, he wants to feel her.

We run, we run for hours and ended at the lake that exists in the middle of the forest. I change into human form and I can hear everyone talking between themselves through our link. “What happened to the Alfa today?” “Why did he leave?” “How did he allowed that girl to live?” “Why am I keeping her safe if she is with her boyfriend?”

Without thinking I shout throughout our link “IF ANYONE SAYS ANOTHER WORD....” they all went quiet. Finally some peace. I can still smell her scent on my hands and my face. I need her, my wolf is unsettled. 

Her father was a wolf. How come I didn’t feel her wolf? This is unsettling. I need to know why she is hiding her nature. How can she hide her nature like that? Why didn’t I know of her existence? 

I link to Danni “get Gregory to come to see me in my study in 1 hour, no excuses “

“Yes Alpha” - she knew better than to push my buttons when I am like this.

1 hour later I walk into my study to see everything cleaned and a new desk replacing mine with all the paperwork well organized. A new glass on the window. I sit on my chair and put my feet on top of the desk and wait for Gregor. 

“YOU ARE LATE” - I can smell his scent and I shout with the door closed, I see it opening and him walking in with his head bent.

“I apologize Alpha, but I was attending to a lead about your son’s attack”

“What did you find out?” I bark

“It was a wolf alpha. Was a loner, he doesn't have a pack “

I stand up and look him in the eyes “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?”

“I am sorry Alpha, but we found HIM and he is in our prison, he is scared and he confessed to the crime “

I don’t wait for another word and I walk as fast as my legs allow me to the prison. I smell trash, as I walk in all the guards bend their knees and open the cell, I see a boy. Not older than 17 years of age, skinny “YOU ATTACKED MY SON?” I don’t wait for his reply and I get closer to him to rip his head off his shoulders but something makes me stop. I look into his eyes "WHO SENT YOU?"

"No-one Alpha, I was looking for a safe place to rest, I-I'm sorry"


"I beg your pardon?"

"Why were you looking for a safe place? Who’s after you?" - I bark, he's getting on my nerves and I just want to go find Olivia.

"I left my pack Alpha, my mother got killed for carrying a bastard from another pack"

I look into his eyes and I see the truth.

I link to Edward “come here now”

Edward appears in front of me within Minutes. "Take him to the packhouse, I want him fed and trained"

The boy looks at me "Thank you Alpha"

Edward links to me "He attacked your son and you are letting him live?"


I see Edward bending his head and taking the kid away.

I look at Gregory standing next to me - “Why didn’t I know that Trent had a daughter?”

“She’s a bastard, sir, she was conceived when he was 16 with one of his side pieces, she was sent away by his mate when she was 10, she was jealous because she couldn’t give him pups and Olivia was a constant reminder of that” 

“Does she know she’s a wolf?”

“Sorry to ask Alpha, but why the sudden interest in a bastard?”

“If you ever call her that again will be your last words”

“I apologize, sir, she was put under a spell so she could live a normal life, Alpha Trent loved his girl and didn’t want her to be used against him, she is only 18 so her wolf hasn't manifested yet" 


“I wouldn’t know alpha. I told you all I know”

“LEAVE” I shout pacing in my study. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. A spell? She didn’t know who she was, so she wouldn’t feel ME, she wouldn’t feel her MATE. 

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seems like the alphas In this story don't wrap it up and have a bunch of kids running around even if they do care for their kids seems like they don't respect their mate enough to be more careful
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Bella Jersey
Her father loved her that’s good. The spell on her we don’t know how to break it. Then something bad is hanging with her

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