Chapter 2836


Several destructive lightning strikes fell from the sky on top of the Nonagon building!

The entire building was covered in lightning in an instant and formed a terrifying power grid!

This shocking scene stunned the entire city!

At this moment, the Nonagon building seemed to be completely covered in lightning, and endless lightning strikes still fell and shrouded the entire building.


A loud explosion jolted everyone!

More terrifyingly, the vortex in the sky got bigger, and the rotation got faster!

Suddenly, a figure flew out of the Nonagon Building. It was bathed in the endless power of lightning and stood upright in the sky above the building, enduring the baptism of endless lightning!

The terrifying energy pressure and the power of rules raged.

In the Nonagon building at this moment, all the disciples, including the four pavilion masters and kingship holders flew out, stood around, and looked up at the happening in the sky!

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What a load of rubbish! Not worth the minute it took to read

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