Chapter 2841

Broken all his limbs?

Reed and Philip exchanged a glance and seemed to have thought of something.

Mick Berry was really good at talking cr*p.

Reed said, “Deputy Consul Berry, I think you should tell your son to come out and ask him about this.”

Hearing this, Cooper’s face darkened. He turned around, looked at his subordinate behind him, and said, “Tell Mick to come here.”

Soon, Mick was pushed inside on a wheelchair, all wrapped up in bandages like a mummy.

He wailed, “Ouch, Dad. You’re finally here. Look at me. I was beaten up to this state. Ow!”

Seeing Mick being pushed in while all covered in bandages, Philip and Reed looked at each other helplessly.

No wonder.

Mick was the one behind this.

Cooper was naturally heartbroken when he saw his favorite son being beaten up like this. In addition, he was also angry!

He stared at Philip coldly and asked, “Young Patriarch Clarke, the Berry family has always stayed away from the Clarke family. Now that you’ve injured my
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