The path leading into the cave of bones was cold, and crowed with a nauseating air that reminded Ada of decomposing animals, beaten by a drizzling rain. To use emptiness to describe the place would be an exaggeration of what truly crept on the walls. No noise could be heard and nobody guarded the place either. Every corner blended obediently with the darkness which drove away the lights of the afternoon, and portrayed a barrenness that gloat like a toothless beast.

If only she had the power to revert the hands of time. She would take it to that sweet night when this episode started. With the knowledge she has now, she was sure she could prevent it from happening. All of it. Maybe it’s selfishness, but a part of her missed that sweet feeling that always walks on her skin whenever she was with Ikedi. It would be nice to have that innocence again, to enjoy that ser

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