Her heart skipped a beat.

The softness of his lips brushed on her hungry cheek and sent a chill down her spine. It clouds her whole body with an intense feeling that almost overpowered her. Nothing in the world mattered for she was lost in his arms, hoping above all that this fleeting moment would last forever. The desire boiling inside her threw her into this misery that she held him tightly, afraid that letting go would mean losing him forever.

The night was formless and empty, too quiet that it let the thumping sound of his chest to cover the silent peace. She could make out his muscular features, not with her eyes, but with the trace of her body on his.

“You said you will tell me about the Igwe’s Ofor today.” He whispered in her ear and pulled away from her.

They still held hands but the slide distance separating them, created an agony in her stomach and she found herself pulling him back into her. 

“Why do you ask? I’m but a common servant, I know little about the King and his Ofor,”

She traced her hands on his body, trying to cup his chest with her palms and hoping he would drop the topic about the Igwe. She had promised to tell him about the Ofor today; a piece of sacred information to give away with an oily hand. Knowing its location would be useless to him though, for the Ofor was kept in a fortified area in the palace, the second most guarded place after the king’s and the only person that can wield its power, without bringing destruction to the land, was the bloodline of the King.

“Hmm, what a perfect liar you are. Your chi knows you are a far cry from any normal servant. You are like the Igwe’s daughter, the most trusted servant in the whole of Alaocha.”

She broke the contact this time and lifted her head, trying to make out those strong cheekbones of his. The night obstructed the pleasure she always derives when she sees his face. Those brown eyes that glint with the morning like a precious gem whose splendor in comparison with the flowers was alluring. 

It was a good thing that the night obstructed her view, his beautiful face could freeze her to the bone and would have taken her breath with the words away.

“Why is the location of the Ofor so important to you?” She asked, a little pissed off by his demands. Was the location of the Ofor more valuable than her body? 

She could feel his body blazing with the same intense longing for her, but it seemed his mind was elsewhere. It seemed as though he was distracted and she wondered if she should be worried.

“I can read minds you know, and I can tell what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours,” he said and kissed her forehead.

“How romantic, I will love to see you guess wrongly this time,” She smiled, glad that the night covered her cheeks which were turning red.

“You think I put other matters before you,” he said softly

She was not surprised he guessed correctly, he understands her more than anybody.

“And do you?” she asked

“Ada” he called softly, too soft that the girl almost melted into the pelt that rounded her chest and waist. 

“I love and desire you more than anything. I just want you to trust me. Can you do that for me?”

The girl, Ada, nodded in agreement but blushed all the more when she noticed how silly it was. They were clothed with the hands of darkness; how did she expect him to see the gesture she was making with her head?

“I trust you my love, much more than I trust myself,” Ada said. She chuckled and hit him playfully on the chest. 

“All this trust talks for something we can see but can’t touch, even if it were an arm stretched. Anyway, I won’t let you ruin this lovely night with your pet tête-à-têtes. I will disclose the location to you, but first, you must promise me that a third ear won’t hear.”

“I promise, my love,” she heard him say as she pulled him and whispered the location of the Ofor into his ears.

“Now,” Ada threw her hands round his neck and felt his hands going gently round the jigida on her waist. “Will you take me to bed?” She asked.

“Where is the fun in that? Forget the warrior spirit within, I am a gentleman, I don’t like rushing things,” He whispered playfully.

She chuckled but said nothing. She only watched the darkness which formed his vague face.

“My whole being wants you, but first, I want to kiss you,” He said and loosened Ada’s grip that locked his neck. They held hands. 

“In a gentle man’s way” he finished.

Her heart skipped a beat and leaped into her stomach.

She closed her eyes and waited for his smooth perfect lips to imbue hers and drive her into that void of ecstasy.

But to her dismay, it never came.

He had released his hands from hers and when she opened her eyes and tried to hold him, her fingers met no obstruction and fell back to her.

The coldness of the night suddenly engrossed her as the realization struck her like a knot in the stomach.

He was gone.

He had disappeared like a thin smoke, and no trace of evidence could suggest that he had once been in her chambers.

“What have I done?” Ada tried to say be the words could not   form. 

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