Chapter 8

I walked into June's room and saw exactly why it was a private room, it was so much bigger than the other rooms, very very nice. 

I walked over to June's bed side and held my hand still smiling *funny right* it's not as though she's awake, so why am i smiling? I don't know myself. I gently stroked her hair

"JuJu it's Bre, I'm sorry I haven't been able to come here to see you till now, the doctor said I couldn't see you till today but just so you know. I kept my promise and i was waiting outside all through your surgery, the doctor says the surgery was successful and all that's needed is for you to wake up, so Ju please wake up. I want to hear your voice and also see you smile and i know that you want to see me too so i will be here patiently waiting for you"

I kissed her forehead and took a sit on the chair beside her bed

*would Mr obnoxious allow June to stay in his home as well, well he would he knows she is your sister and would obvi

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