Chapter 9

I smiled internally and got into the car, he gets in beside me and starts driving "do i have to remind you to use your seatbelt?" He asked,still looking ahead and driving

I rolled my eyes at his annoying attitude and used my seatbelt 

"I saw that, and maybe you shouldn't do that again you won't like what would happen if you do" he says in a deep threatening voice and i shrunk in my sit

*i told you this man had eyes behind his ear*

He parked at the same block and looked at me, i rolled my eyes internally and unbuckled the seat belt, groaning internally i got out of the car and watched as he sped off

*stupid Mr Obnoxious * 

I started to walk towards the hospital, i got to the hospital and walked straight to June's room, I opened the door and saw her awake and watching a television show

"Hey Sweetie " i say and she turns to look at me

"Bre Bre, i missed you" she says and i smile at her

"I missed you to sweetie" i

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