Chapter 11

I stood outside the hospital, pacing around

"Oh goodness, how would i get back when I don't even know where exactly to go too" *and i am so sure Mr Obnoxious would not offer me a ride, i guess i would be sleeping in the hospital tonight, but if Mr Obnoxious finds out*

My phone started to ring and i picked it "Are you done making a fool of yourself?" He asks and i roll my eyes 

*I know i made a fool of myself but he didn't need to make it as clear as he did

"Yes i am" i murmured on the phone

"Come and meet me at the usual block, i will be there soon* He says and i breathed a sigh of relief 

*even though he acts like a jerk at least he is helping me out today *

I walked quickly towards the block and got there

I stood there waiting patiently for him and i saw his car sped towards me and halts at my front, i got in and shut the door, i used my seatbelt and looked at him

"I'm really sorry" i say and got no response

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Bella Jersey
Damn his in vitro worked fast
goodnovel comment avatar
Phyllis Mahia
what wrong with this man!! he sounds bitter with life

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