Chapter 80

Aubrey's Pov

The time seemed to stop as I looked back and forth at Chris and Isabelle who were both laying on the floor with blood surrounding them! I couldn't think straight as I clutched Chris's shirt tightly, Some nurses and doctor came over immediately and took him on a stretcher, My mind could focus on anything, I couldn't think about anything

Chris just got shot because of me! He got shot with a bullet that was meant for me! I rushed out with the strecher that Chris was laying on as tears streamed down my face "Please help him" I cried hysterically  "Doctor White has just been shot, Get the operating room ready please " I heard someone say as we approached a room "Aubrey, you can't come in" I heard the familiar doctor say and I looked at him "B-but, he is.." I stuttered, still crying and he holds me by my shoulder "He will be fine Aubrey, Really he will be fine" He says and I watched as he walked into the room Chris was wheeled in, I stood out there pacing a

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