Chapter 83

The next day, Chris's call woke me up from bed and I smiled immediately I saw his name on my screen "Hello!" I say and heard some shuffling over the phone until he responded, we spoke for a couple of minutes and hung up the call.

I got out of bed and had my bath , I wanted to visit my dad's grave today, after five years! I know it is long overdue but you can't blame me for that, I prepared myself mentally to face my dad, even though he wasn't alive I still felt his presence more constant here. I sighed and walked out of the hotel, trying to locate where I could get flowers, I saw a flower shop across and I went into get some

I came back outside after I had gotten one and I stopped at Taxi to take me to the town cemetery, It felt like I was going to see my dad physically even though he was dead but then again, I could feel his presence more around here

"We are here ma'am " The taxi driver says to me and I looked up to see we had gotten there, I searched through m

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