Chapter 85

About a week and a half has passed and I've seen Noah about twice, Chris calls me everyday to know how I am doing and even Emila has called me, June whines into the phone at every opportunity she gets about how much she misses me and wants me to come back home, I couldn't help but laugh at her silliness.

I already visited my old home although it is now occupied by some other people, I got flashes of my childhood with my parents and how much they loved each other until it all went south! I saw Hannah once and she got teary eyed on seeing me, she kept apologizing to me She genuinely felt guilty about me leaving the town but I told her it wasn't because of her or her mom!

Everyone kept complimenting me on how good I look that I almost started to believe it, Maybe I actually did look good, I can say my staying here did make me feel better about myself, I no longer felt paranoid about Isabelle or Nicole, I felt more peace and at ease just by being here and I totally loved it! I visited my f
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