Four Years After

Chris's Pov

"Chris!" I heard Aubrey yell over the phone and I groaned internally, She was getting more cranky and demanding everyday, Now I am out trying to get chocolates and Icecream at Two in the midnight "Yes Babe!" I replied and heard her sigh over the phone "You're tired of me, aren't you?" She says sadly and I groaned internally "I can never be tired of you babe" I tell her 

"So you are getting my chocolate and Icecream?" She asks excitedly and I rolled my eyes "Yes, I am on my way back" I say and I heard her giggle, I cut the call and drove towards the house.

Since Aubrey got pregnant, I've been going out of my mind trying keep up with her midnight cravings, Well Aubrey and I got married here in NewYork about two years ago in a simple manner, well Aubrey wanted it that way and U couldn't object to it!

Having married her was and Is one of the best thing that has happened to me, also her getting pregnant, It still seemed

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I love June and Christ relationship I would love to see a sequel with the twins and June.
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Dora Lanks
Thank you for a wonderful story
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Joan Amor
tnx author for the wonderful story
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