Chapter 2

The next day i had my bath and changed my clothes, I couldn't hide my puffy eyes or even the eye-bags i woke up with, but all that didn't matter, i wore the best clothes *it shouldn't even be considered as someone's clothing * but it's the only thing i have to wear. I packed my hair into a ponytail and took my phone .

I didn't have money for a cab or bus so i just walked down to the hospital

*Well it wasn't as long as I expected*, i went straight to June's room and she was awake, i put on a big smile on my face and approached her

"Juju" i smiled at her although my heart was breaking my sister had to make it

"Bre bre " her voice coming out as a whisper 

"Why am i in the hospital Bre?" She asks and i swallowed the lump in my throat

"You are a little sick sweetie, so I brought you here to get better" i tell her

"Is it the flu" she looks at me and I couldn't find my voice so I nodded "i have to go to work Ju, but I'll be back to see you" i tell her and she smiles

"On your way back Bre, can you get me some doughnuts, I haven't had one in a very long time please " she asks and i nod

"I'll be back Ju" i kissed her forehead and walked out of the room, wiping the tears that may have fallen

I walked out if the hospital *now i have to find a job* i spent the entire afternoon job hunting without success, i went to a coffee shop, a restaurant, i even applied as a cleaner but i was still rejected 

*Maybe it's not them and it's me, obviously it has to be me. Who would want me to work for them*

I walked to the park where i saw different parents with their children, i sat down looking at them. How they played with their kids, how the mothers blended with the children *i wish i had all of that*

Tears clouded my vision *goodness this is too much for me* i hung my head on my hands as tears dropped down my eyes, i wiped my tears and sat up straight, standing up i started to walk towards the hospital. Getting there i went straight to June's room and saw that she's asleep, i walked over to her bed stand and stroked her hair

 "June, I promise i am going to do my utmost best to raise this money" i kissed her forehead and stepped out of the room and tried to get the doctor 

I saw him at the hall, talking to some patients and i stood there awkwardly watching the exchange between the both of them. After she left he turns to look at me 

"Good day miss" he smiles at me and i muster up a little courage and gave him the fakest smile i could muster

"Good afternoon doctor, you said i could do the test today" i tell him and he nods

"That's true, if you would follow me please" he says and i walk beside him

"Have you checked on your sister ?" He asked me 

"Yes i have, I'm just coming back from her room" i tell him

"That's fine, Alright let's go in" After the test was conducted i waited for the results in the doctor's office 

I say down in the doctor's office, nervously waiting for the test result's, my palms were sweaty under the air conditioner, i heard the door creak and I turned expecting to see the doctor but instead a man of about 30 years, 6'5 tall came in, a brunette with a green piercing eyes came in

His green eyes looked at me "I'm sorry, is doctor hales not around " he asks and i lost the ability to speak so i nodded

*goodness, I really am nervous about this test*

I watched as he left and I fidgeted with my fingers, the door opens again and this time the doctor comes in, sitting opposite me he brings up the test and wore his glasses

I prayed silently and he cleared his throat

"Miss, I'm afraid you're not a good match for June" he says and my legs went weak, I couldn't even open my mouth to talk, my hands started to sweat so much and shake

*I couldn't even be useful to help my sister* 

Tears streak rolled down my cheeks, I couldn't listen to anything the doctor was saying, i just kept nodding.

I saw his mouth stop moving and i stood up to leave, The doctor held back my arm

"Don't worry Aubrey, everything will be alright" I nodded and gave him a weak smile, he had never called me by my name, but now he did it must really be serious. 

I couldn't find it in me to go back to June's room, so I just walked out of the hospital walking aimlessly. I saw that my phone started to ring

*who could be calling me* 

I picked it and heard the voice I thought I would not ever hear again, the one person that abandoned my sister and i was calling.

"M-mom" I whispered, hoping and praying it was her"

"Hello mom, is it you?" I asked but the person wasn't replying.

Sighing i cut the call and walked to where my legs took me too, tears rolled down my cheeks as i walked back home and met my landlord standing in front of my apartment.

*it couldn't get worse than it already has*

"Good evening Mr David" i greeted him but he looked at me with anger

"Save your nonsense Aubrey, i have been waiting here to see you especially, i need my house rent please" he demanded and my palms started to sweat again

"M-mr David, please I'm really sorry for delaying your rent. I have been working so hard to pay , June has been in the hospital but please give me a week and i will pay" i pleaded with him and i saw pity in his eyes

As much as i hate people pitying me, i also pitied myself

"I know you're a good person Aubrey, but i also need my money so i would be giving you a week to gather it" he says and walks away

I sighed heavily and walked in

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