Abducting The Mafia Romance Author
Abducting The Mafia Romance Author
Author: Aysel Inara
Prior Notice/ Must Read

Here are a few things to put you at ease (mainly confusions and insights). Moreover, the beginning chapters are longer to keep you hooked and to let you decide easily.

• Insights: 

1) This is a mafia, billionaire romance. But definitely the author is not playing with cliche of abducting and falling in love with the kidnapper.

2) There is no Stockholm syndrome or rape at all, personally I don't like writing it. The female protagonist won't be forced to do anything. 

3) The story will move in present, then past then back to present. Well, how? I guess, I would prefer to leave that as a mystery for you to explore. 

4) The author who is our protagonist in the story (Aysel Saat) is writing a webtoon (having the same title as of this story) and the protagonist hero is keeping a track of her works, reading and buying them all.

5) Our female main character is definitely not a naive, foolish and impulsive lady instead she is strong, capable and a mastermind.

6) Similarly the male character is not a stupid character for being a protagonist, who will believe his ex rather the heroine (well, if there would be any ex, can't say for sure. Haha!) 

7) Aysel Saat is a genius, creative and a daredevil woman. While Ekai Enzo is a doting lover, caring and protective man, who would do anything to make her happy. Well, remember protective man not obsessive. 

8) There are a few elements I would like to disclose to you, as I love fusing different themes together thus this narration would not be a plain romance at all. Instead there will be action, technology and a few gore scene, not to forget explicit language romance (precisely erotica)

9) This is my first story in mafia romance pn Goodnovel.com and it is a stand alone novel. Although it will be splitted further into parts.

10) All chapters are 1.5k - 2k words.

11) As a reader myself I don't like unnecessary dragging, thus the chapters will be fast paced with fully developed characters.

12) Check out my other mafia themed narration imbued with tech and action on (Webnovel)

~ Femme Fatale: The Queen Of Chess 

13) Further chapter confusion will be addressed in the certain chapter. Who, why, what and how stuff.

14) Apparently there is a query that whether there is a single protagonist or two, or perhaps what exactly is the identity of Aysel Saat. Well, I will leave it to you for exploring.


Find the author on Instagram to chat and keep a track of updates. (ayselinaraa)

And on Facebook (Aysel Inara)

Discord (Aysel Inara #9449) 

Thank you for choosing this.

Happy Reading~

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