Love the way I am
Love the way I am
Author: Xoss Naomi ❍
Chapter 1: A NEW HOME

chapter 1

A New Home


 I picked all the things I needed and left the city to a small remote town, I've observed this place for a long time and I knew It would be the best option for me, for the while.

After paying the rent, I took two nights to arrange my stuff inside my new home.

I backed the large king-size mirror on the wall, holding a small mirror to my face, from the mirror, I saw the large tattoo which had my name printed on my back, *“Jayden”*

'I have the cutest appearance, but it is not who I am.' I thought with a smirk visible on my face,

My job wasn't as simple as my appearance, I kill people when needed, I have a reputation for defrauding companies, just a small mistake would make me get to you.

     Six months ago, I had planned to close one of the biggest companies in the south, which belonged to a mafia lord, it didn't go well, so I had to kill the owner as he was on my neck, but the whole plan B got spoil when a Cctv footage of me killing him got out. The cops were after me, along with his men, I started hiding, sleeping in different places on different nights until I decided it was time to leave the city as other records of my past deeds were already In Light. And that's how I moved here, changing my identity and my appearance, Leaving so much beard on my face which made me look more matured and growing longer hair.

    I entered my new home, it wasn't my usual style, A bit small but comfortable, it could pass,  I sat on the couch in the living room after having a bad morning which is used to having, watching simple pastries show on the Tv while having hot chocolate. I'm very bad at cooking, I thought of watching it.

throughout my stay here, I don't want to gain attention here, so I would not keep a helper around, guess who's cooking?

   I watched how pancakes are been made, and I could almost taste it from the TV. Bringing myself closer, I was about to do the weirdest thing when the doorbell rang.

 I don't know anyone here, why would anyone come to my door?

   I peeped through the door hole, it was two ladies. Sighing at the unfamiliar faces, I opened the door, I think both their bodies are itching with the way they constantly rotate their hips, like they were preparing to dance and the awkward smiles dancing on their lips, it was obvious they had nothing to say,

  "Good morning" one said still smiling,

   I sneered at her before answering her greetings "Good morning. Any problem?" I asked.

  "Uh-hmm... mmm-" she slapped her companion's arm "You speak."

"Good morning, we found out you're the..." I wasn't listening to her words. 

"just go! go!" my head was screaming for me to push them out. now that I think of it, I'm hungry.

    "Blah..blah, blah blah blah blah" was all I heard before coming back to reality.

  'Dude, this chick's talking,' the thought of hunger was distracting me from hearing their words.

   "Ok, Thank you for your acknowledgment, I have a thing... a thing that I Am busy with." I twist my fingers together for my words to have meaning for their understanding "OK, we'll see later" I told with a cocky smile.

  "Ok...then... we'll see later" the slim one dragged the fat one away.

I quickly close the door and made my way to the kitchen. There was a wrap of boneless chicken in the fridge, Pasta to deal with, I brought out all the ingredients I thought would fit in the meal, "OK, Jay. you can do this." I sucked some air. At first Boiling, the pasta wasn't a big problem, until it turned overcooked.

   "Oh shit, why didn't I learn to cook?"

I poured the overcooked pasta into a pot, placed the chicken inside, poured a spoon of vegetable oil and spices, cheese, yogurt, and some other things which I picked from the cupboard, and lit the stove.


After turning around the fucked up house full of boredom, Boom! my breakfast was ready.

  I danced to the kitchen to meet my breakfast, only to open the pot

"This is not so breakfast..."

 I turned the mucus meal on a plate, don't know if it's edible?

   After having the first taste, I realized, I need to get a helping hand, I'm not good at all at anything related to the kitchen. Putting my spoon down, I turned all the content from the pot into the trash can, My mom gave me a call, long-awaited. "Hello, bae..." I called her in a playful manner.

ever since I was disowned by my father when I turned eighteen, my mom was the only one who cared about me.

   "Are you okay? Did you have your breakfast?" she asked.

   I turned the phone to the trash can. "About having it ma..." With a wide grin.

  "Oh no, my baby is having that? You can't eat it..."

  "I don't know, I'll try" I teased, "try from the trash?! You should go out and get yourself breakfast, or order from home delivery."

"So how's your stay? I should assume you haven't caused any trouble."

   "Mom... It's just a day since I moved in, what's the worse that could happen, seems like you lost the trust you had for me."

"I would never do that! I still love you as much. OK, Jay, I'll call you back later, take care!"

"Take care," I repeated as she hung up.


The TV show was becoming boring, I picked a habit of Peeping from the window.

If I could see the two ladies who came here a while ago, it would be appreciated.

Maybe one could have magic springing from her hands.

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Dazzling Star??
wow loved it???? and I would like to taste his breakfast ?
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Alina Ashh ?
M gonna read this book ?????Interesting start ?
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this story is really very good.. wanna read it further ???

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