Episode 1121

Aeternum treated all the refugees, humanely and as fair as they can. Which is what made them extremely trustworthy, on top of that, what strikes a lot of refugees and also those that come and visited Aeternum is that how loyal, proud and also honest Aeternum officials are. The tricks as bribery, flattering does not work at all to all the Aeternum government worker. Though is some cases the lowest ranking officers were able to be swayed, but when it comes to the upper ranks, nothing can faze them at all. Because of these features, in Aeternum official, what made many lead to believe that Aeternum will be a great place to live.

On top of that, Aeternum Government has never careless in their promised duty. What usually the refugee camps were the breeding ground of crimes in some other places, in here. It was never happened, because the Aeternum police and Military always patrolling, maintaining public order and safety. Everyone has to conduct themselves in the best manner, no violence or
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