Episode 1122

It can be said that living in Aeternum Refugee Camps, it doesn’t let you mulled away in any of the negative thoughts at all. Any refugees would be able to get passed of their gloomy past, as they received the kindness of Aeternums. They were educated thoroughly, they were given comfort of shelters, warm filling foods, able to work for money and on top of that, were given hopes that they can entered Aeternum and finally enjoying and living that Aeternum dreams.

Joan and Vennci who is learning everyday in Aeternum Refugee Learning Centre, everyday at evening always learned new things and new concept that they never knows before. In that Learning Centre, they were thought the values of how to be an Aeternum Citizen, what does it meant and what does the merits entrails for them. Not stopping there they were thought, ‘Aeternum’ a systematic alphabetical letters and numbering systems that is far more advance and efficient that any languages that they have ever learned before, that Aeternum
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