Episode 1128

Inside The Refugees registration and Interview Main Building, shouts of relief and cries of happiness were a normal occasions through out the day. people who first went into the room as Refugees comes out as the citizen of Aeternum, they waved their approved papers in the air and jumps, some were hugging the papers as their most treasured items in the entire worlds. It’s to be said as the happiest moment for most Refugees here. But at the same time there were also a few that instead of coming of the Interview Room with happiness, instead the ran out for their lives. And every time such things happened the people here didn’t even bothered to look at them nor even cared. Because everyone knows that those that acted like that deserved it, also the Aeternum Immigration officer were not weak at all, on top of that the Police officers were also on the scene to handle everything.

Unless the runaway was a Tier 4 Wizard or Knights, probably the people would be worried, but such amazing peoples
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