Episode 1130

Aside from the bubbly and rather fiery atmosphere at the Research and Development Department, where all the workers is suddenly getting even more fired up thanks to their Minister visiting them and giving them their boost of energy. The Aeternum Royal Military is also does not fall behind at all, because they have been given a Presidential order to prepared the entire Military for an up and coming nationwide operation. Thanks to these, all the Aeternum Military figures has come to the Shark Region Northwest, or now more widely Known as Aeternum Royal Military Base.

What once known as the Alemia Northern Region just a little bit of the top of the Shark Eastern City where Mayor Baron Renoa were designated to be. Now thanks to the new policy, the entire Eastern Shark Region has been influenced by Aeternum Royal Military, it was even dubbed as Aeternum, Royal Military Area, naturally the true region started after the Shark Eastern City, Nevertheless these cold snowy land has become rather
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