Episode 1256

For the 5 Allied leaders the moment that the International Alliance Conference accepted the motions of approving their membership, it was a happy moment for them. Because these is what they have been waiting for a long time already, after entering an alliance with Aeternum last years, their country situations has been improving faster then they have ever thought, development of infrastructures and life condition's, economies everything were going swimmingly fine for them. So to be said it their citizens everyone can see that Aeternum has brought them all to a new heights, but after that, naturally they all desired to grow even more.

They are now stable and even growing finely, what is next is naturally to assured a legitimacy and also being approved as one of a prestigious nation in the Central Continent, one way and perhaps the only way for them to do it, is to be approved by the other large and significant countries. In an alliance it was well known that the country that has biggest
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