Episode 1261

After unknowingly received what seems to be a shocking response by all of their connections and relatives back at their own country. All the allied leaders especially for the Queen Duchess Angela, Great Archmage Lodwig and also King Sebastian, only now they were struck with a realization of what is just happened to them, and just how intelligent Aeternum is with these meeting that they has just made a history with. They are now only realized that their entire nation is currently really watching the entire meeting. In a real time, so no matter what it is everyone can see their actions and decisions.

Thus explained why all of them suddenly received a direct phone call by their government members back home. Although they knew that Aeternum did not have any ulterior motives at all to do such things, other than making sure to grandeur the occasion and also wanting for the alliance to be known by everyone, they cannot help but feel like they were being tricked. Then again it wasn’t anyone f
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