Episode 1262

For the leaders of all the allied nation, the fact that President Mies is about to revealed his reasoning to why Aeternum has took a drastic action on the world most well known organizations, there were a mixed feeling about these for them. They were nervous and also rather determined to see as to why would Aeternum would take such actions. Because for them, there were some that knows the dark side to these 3 organizations and their shady business as they too have used that kind of service at some point of their lives. Naturally for them such things is also a 2 edge swords, they can used it to harm others but for some unknown reason they were just too naive that they think that the same actions wouldn’t be used against them.

“Is these because the Aeternum President last radio address?…I heard about that, he said that Aeternum has decided that they will no longer use the Guilds services and also kicked them out of their country at once…”.(Junior Male Magic Student)

“I am sure it is…bec
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