Episode 1265

The solemn atmosphere naturally did not stood for too long, as almost all the leaders has shown a clear anger due to the proof. But as an intelligent and also a leaders all of them knew that by now, getting furious is useless as there is nothing much that they can do but just accept the things it stands, rather than finding something to released their anger, it is much wiser to asked the solutions from the most resourceful and the ones that has solved the problems.

“[……these is truly terrible…and very, very dangerous…if we were to let these kind of two faces organizations to continues to settled amidst all of us…I for one would never wanted to see my Country to fall for such danger…Your Highness President Mies….we know that the Association that you have established…is the solutions for all these mess….do you think that the Associations can also be established in Nirewin?..]”. (King Helberd Nirewin the 14th )

“[Yeah..these Is a dire situations after all…but above all we need a k
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