Episode 1268

For as long as everyone remembered, everyone has tried to make use of the Rivers and lakes that were all over the places in the central continents, but no matter who tried to utilized the waters, all of them has failed, no matter what they tried, it would always failed at the end. This is because despite how useful the Rivers and lake were, the rivers and the lakes that were all over them were known and acknowledge as the most dangerous places for them and until now, dying to the attacks of waters origin monsters is already considered a normal occasions.

In fact to everyone in the Central Continent, one of the monster stampede that were lead by the Water type monsters, everyone considered that stampede is as deadly and can destroy anything that it went through. Even the government of many nation dared not to intercept or battled the Water type monster like they were dealing with any wild monster that were coming from the land. That is just how deadly the situations were, thus when Aet
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