Episode 5

Since the bosses no longer a threat, I've thought of something to ease the slaves and ultimately increase their [Loyalty] towards me. Although, I already own the slaves but that doesn't mean I have their respect, I dislike forcing someone to work for me, to me even if they were slaves they deserve to be treated humanely. For that, all the slaves in this keep deserves some kind of a payback, a release from their humiliation and anger, they all need to gain their pride and sense of dignity as a living being. The 2 bandits downstairs shall be the object of their justification.

Each dead body I passed, i throw them outside to the front courtyard. The sound of bodies slam against the ground reverberates through the whole keep, I can see the slaves at the front courtyard shook and cry to the scene, but no one shouts, in fact the look in their eyes says ( Serve you right! ). A few minutes later, I already back inside the room where Elijah An Quers room, all of them seems to be waiting for me as all of them were sitting on the floor with their heads bow down.

" Elijah An Quers…Tell your fellow Slaves to follow me..".

" Yes, O great lord,…". (Elijah An Quers)

I wonder if all of them think that I'm snobbish, I'm actually not though, I never really look down on people it's just that I'm usually don't speak much, that's all. Either way, all of them starts to follow behind me silently, each time's I stop to throw the bodies down, I can hear a few of them gasp, even Elijah were bewildered by the bloody scene. Bina the Orc Lady tried to help me throw the bodies, but each time I stop her and throw them myself.

As we get to the entrance floor, I opened the large wooden door and throw the bodies on the floor outside. All 5 of them were shocked by the piles of bodies lying around the courtyard, pools of bloods, smells of burned flesh lingers in the air. I head out to the courtyard and release all the slaves that were locked on the pillroys and cages which bring the total of 20 slaves including the 5 who followed behind me. Befuddled as to why they're being freed, still all of them starts to hug each other and bawling their eyes out.

"Elijah, wait here…".

Without waiting for her reply, I leave her and go back inside. This time I descend to the basement, just like the other places in this keep, this place were just as disgusting and gloomy. By the time I steps in the basement, the two warden who's having fun beating a naked Knights inside one of the open jail, doesn't even realize I was slowly closing in to them.

"HUH??..<BBUUKK!!!>…ARRGGHH!!!...<CRRRAAAKKK!!>..MY LEG!!!...". (Bandit guard 1)

As they immersing themselves bullying the poor knights, I just casually sneak up behind one of the guards who show his back towards me, and send a full swing hook punch on his solar plexus which immediately broke 4 of his ribs, the impact send him flying to the right wall and as he fall to the floor I stomp on his left thigh breaking his bone to the points the bone comes out towards his inner thigh.

"WHAT??!!...WHO??!!...< BBBUUUKK!! >….Wai!!..<BBUUKKK!!>..". (Bandit Guards 2 ).

The second bandits, also receives the same fate as the 1st one, but this time instead of being send flying, I use him as my punching bag. I pummeled every combo I remember; the knight who's been lying in a fetus position quickly scoots aside and silently watches the show. Even the Duke and his other knight turned to see the sight of me beating the shit out of the bandits warden. A few minutes passed, both of the bandit guards were both still awake but already lost the ability to fight or even run, all they can do now is shoot a glare and run their pitiful mouths, grabbing each of their legs, I dragged them just like a bag of trash and head upstairs.

All the slaves who's still waiting for me, still stand at the same place, standing around the fire pit. They all stands up as they saw me coming slowly towards them, I release the barely alive bandit guards on the ground and stand in front of the slaves. I pick up one of the bandit swords and plant the sword on the ground, Elijah and all the slaves, stares at me and the sword.

"…Elijah An Quers, and all of you…this is my gift for you. They all yours…".

That was the only words I said, as I walk passed and sit down on the logs beside in front of the fire pit. Elijah who the only one who understand me, shudder at my words. Emotions starts to take over her as she broke free from Mina support and grab the sword and started to crawl her way to the bandits while spouting curse and wails of tears. The other slaves starts to follow the suits and starts to release their pent up emotions on the two bandits, some of them uses their bare hands, some grab stones and weapons, the sound of 2 bandits pleading and curse slowly drown out by the sound broken bones and meat smashes, all the slaves wails and curses their voice out, as they lost in the bloodlust and pent up rage.

( I must say sir, this is quite a spectacle…you probably could win an Oscar for best actor and director..)

"(Thank you?.. But, I don't really do it for that though ….probably around 70% for the Loyalty..)".

(The other 30%?..)

"(These ladies already suffers enough…some justice needs to be done, they deserve that….and it's happen that I can give it to them..)".

(I see….i suppose they do..).

All the fiasco took 3 hours, not a single one of the slave's hands were white, all of them bathed in bloods. As for the 2 bandit fates, well, the easy way to describe their state was 'piles of meat paste'. Elijah who's been support by Mina slowly comes towards my back, the same goes to the other slaves all of them kneels on the ground. Without turning around, I ask Elijah.

"..Is it done?..".

"Yes, Great Lord master…". (Elijah An Quers)

I turned towards the slaves and pulled my sleeves to show them the Master slaves tattoo, which clearly on my forearm. Seeing that every single one of them know that, I am their new owner.

"I have fulfilled your demand Elijah An Quers, as you has promised me, your life is now mine…".

"Yes my lord master, this life of mine and all of mine is yours from this day forward….for fulfilling this demand of mine, I will forever be thankful to you my lord..". (Elijah An Quers).

"Good, as for the others….tell them that they are free to go if they want, say it now….if not then, they all shall become mine as well..".

Looking at her [Loyalty] parameter its already at 99% loyalty, I guess she really do wanted to be part of my company. Elijah relay my words to all of the ladies, but after 10 minutes no one even stand up, only silent.

"Nobody wanted to leave?..".

"Yes my lord master, we all decided to stay and serve you, my lord…".(Elijah)

"I guess welcome then….i expect you guys will be ready to work, of course I won't be unreasonable and mistreat you….".

"Thank you my lord master, we all will always grateful and ready to serve you, whatever you need we will fulfil them..".(Elijah & the Ladies)

Their enthusiastic respond was quite startling to me, this probably due to the High [Loyalty] parameter and my special traits [Perfect Specimen] combined with high charm points. The ladies look quite devoted and kinda smitten at me, even though I'm still wearing my skull mask, either way, I make Elijah as my personal assistant and my number 2, and the first 4 (Mina, Bina, Rafaela and Andrea) shall become her assistant.

"Great Lord Master, one of the ladies ask….can we know your name?.."(Elijah)

"Hmm?.... I forgot about that, My name is Mies Sai, I am the last High Human in Fantasma….by the way, have you all eaten yet?".

I removed my mask, and introduce myself to the ladies. By the looks of it, I'm really killing it here, everyone were blushing as the saw my bare face, and my killer smile as I ask them if they've eaten yet or not.

"<Cough!>….no, Master Mies….".(Elijah)

"Then….ask somebody to cook, make it sumptuous….just use the food stock in the kitchen..".

I saw that the bandits kitchen was filled with foods, though their kitchen was a bit dirty. Looking at the ladies conditions they all definitely can use some warm food.

"Yes Master,….Shall I send them here?..".(Elijah)

"Huh?...why? I'm not that hungry though….".



Both of us just look at each other, Elijah seems to misunderstand my words; she probably thinks that it was for me.

"it wasn't for me, it's for you guys…just eat to your fill, you guys definitely needs that….".

"Ahh….Pardon me Master, But…us eating alone, isn't appropriate….as a slave….Hmm!!". (Elijah)

I use my index finger and put it on her lips, she was shocked by it but still she listen to me intently. For some unknown reasons, I just wanted to try those sleazy moves.

"Appropriate or not, just put that aside for now…I don't care about any of that….just go and eat….after that, strips all the bandits bodies, collect their bounty proof and burn their bodies….can you do that?..".

"..Y.. yes, sir…". (Elijah)

Her face reddens by my sudden intimate act, although half of her face were burned still the remaining part shown how beautiful she was. I never really have time to fully appreciate my new handsome face though, at least from her reaction I know that it's certainly on another level, should I become a social media star?, probably not right?.

Since there's no more threat, I decided it's time to get my Van. I was kinda wondering if I should travel back to earth, maybe to get some supplies since I already have to take care of 20 peoples now. Probably I will do it later. The walk was quite peaceful, there's nothing interesting happened though not even single monster attacking me.

After 30 minutes of driving at a safe speed, I finally arrived at the Keep, like always the slaves was particularly shocked by the emergence of black square box moving around and producing a loud noise. The first one to react was actually Bina Murook one of the 1st five, She a Orc Warrior, 195cm high light red skinned with muscular physiques, but still her feminine feature was definitely there, it was hard to ignore the G cup breast, and that round apple ass. She look exactly like the Orc you see in games (WOW), but instead of fierce and groggy looking, her face was quite similar to a normal human, it's just that she have shorter nose and slightly pointed upwards, a small protruding under fangs and a slightly pointed ear.

" STOP!!!! GUYS!!...THERE MONSTER COMING IN!!!..TO ARMS!!!...". (Bina Murook)

She doesn't even wait for anything, brandishing her short sword she jumped towards my front mirror. Then stab her sword through the front mirror, the sword gone through and broke the whole thing.

"….don't!!...<ZZZUUUKKKK!!!>….MY FORNT MIRROR!!...".

The attack can definitely kill, but I was able to stop the sword from damaging anything else by pinching the sword tip and snap them into half.

"Huh??....Lord Master??...Have you been eaten by the beast??...". (Bina Murook)

"....<PAK!>...just how clueless are you? I'm not, this is my ride…good know what, pick all the things inside and put them in one of the room in second time ask first, don't just jumping around swinging that sword around..".

As she finally saw me inside the van, she immediately become docile and panic, I came out and flick her on the forehead and started lecturing her. The other slave giggle as they saw me scolding Bina, halfway lecturing her, I realize that she doesn't understand anything I just said so I just give up and told her to transfer the supplies inside, to the second floor by pointing the boxes in the back of the van and second floor. It took a few minutes to explain that to her using the sign language in the end she did understood what I meant.

The courtyard was already half cleared; the naked bodies were piled up on a wagon, while the equipment was lined up properly near the entrance door. As I entered the Keep, the slaves already started to clean up the whole keep, sweeping the dirt, wiping the floor. I wonder if they have done eaten yet, i directly head to the 3rd floor to see the 3 captive.

The 3rd floor consist of 5 room, there's 4 normal sized room on the right and left side while the middle room (Boss room) occupy half of the 3rd floor, the 3rd floor was the One Snakes upper echelon abodes, each room have a different interior and each one of them have their own treasures. All the room has been ransacked, probably by Elijah order, the only thing that left inside this rooms was their furniture's, after checking on the captives still in their deep sleep, I entered the 2nd room on the left and started to arranged the room, I turned it into an interrogation room, with only a chair, a table and one light source (Candle) to make the whole room become gloomy.


"Lord Master, it's me Elijah..".(Elijah)

"Come in…take a seat over there..".

I pointed at the chair near the table, Mina who's been supporting her immediately have her sit on the chair, and stand beside her. Mina was a 210cm high minotaurus lady, amongst the slave she possessed the most sexy and voluptuous body, L cup size breast, beautiful hour glass body line and humongous bottom, she has an elegant and gentle face, on her head there's a small horn, she also has a cow ears and cows legs from her knee down. In actuality she isn't a minotaurus, in fact she belong to a branch of a minotaurus race called Cow people, a rare variant of minotaurus clan that known to a breeder and a milk maiden.

It seems that only I know this fact about her, thanks to my [Identify] skill. I told Elijah that I will perform an interrogation to extract all the information from the 3 captives. All she had to do was to translate everything that I said, and there's no need to translate what they said because I'm able to understood all languages, it's just I can't speak them.

"You're able to comprehend all languages?...….All of them??".(Elijah)

"Ehm…Anyway, get ready….im going to bring the 1st one inside….also, don't touch the small box…".

The small box was actually my smartphone, with recording app readily opened; I can't actually ask Elijah to write as she wasn't in the conditions to do such things.

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