Episode 6

"I want all the names that involve in these conspiracies of yours…now!..". (Elijah)

Elijah shouted at Baron Larson, who's currently tied to the chair with a knife stabbed on his left knee.

"I'll speak!.... I Speak!!.... Please no more!!...STOP!!! …AAAARRGHHHH!!".(Baron Larson)

Although it looks like a normal betrayal scene, actually it wasn't. I never thought I would be witnessing a large conspiracy between two nations. Apparently, this Baron Larson was actually conspiring with other nobles, who are mainly Duke Merrica Murr retainers, to kill him using this Bandit extermination campaign; they even colluded with several bandit groups to make it possible.

The conspiracy was first to kill Duke Merrica Murr and then slowly loosen the grip of Duke family power in the territory, after that, the Nobles will allow the forces from Principality Of Light to slowly convert the people into their human supremacy religion. Principality of Light was a religious nation north of Hallerus Kingdom, Principality of Light believed that human was the only rightful race in this world and other races need to be wiped out from the whole world, in other words, a fanatic racist. All the nobles involved receive bribes, promises of power, and territory, some are even devout believers of the Principality of Light religion.

Duke Merrica Murr was someone who is close to the new King; he was the only Duke in Hallerus that allow other races to receive equal treatment as humans (Some parts of it). That's why he was very popular and well-loved by his people, but some of the nobles who the avid supporter of the previous king (Also a famous human supremacy figure) feels upset but unable to do anything to him, because of that, they wanted the good Duke to be eliminated. The plan was already in motion, some of the Principality of Light and Noble's forces already started to assemble, churches already started to spread the Supremacy religion, also in 3 years, the full assault of the Principality of Light will be launched after the Duke died, and the fabricated attacks of terrorism (Put in the names of other race) took effects.

By the way, the only Bandit group who knows the entire plan was only One Snakes bandit, as for the others they only receive orders and payment to harass and attack Duke Territory. From the 2 bandit leaders, I managed to obtain the list of every single bandit group who was involved in the conspiracy, their exact number, base locations, and their leaders. I even managed to get hold of the locations of the Bandit coalition secret treasures locations, and a grade A dungeons locations.

"This looks like a big mess Lord Master…". (Elijah)

"….Looks like it, but it's duke mess, not us….but who knows probably, this also a blessing for us….tell Mina, throw him inside the other room with the bandits..".

Mina casually grabs the Baron by his collar and drags him out of the room.

"Lord Master, you look tired….shall I the others to prepare the beds for you?...".(Elijah)

She looks at me, somehow she was able to sense that I need some rest.

"...Sure, But I need to prepare something for tomorrow, have someone to send food to the Duke cells…also, tell everyone to wear full clothes for tomorrow, just take it from the bandits…also, assign 5 people to Bina and ask her to dressed them in full armor, they will act as a guard tomorrow...and what happened in this room, whatever you heard it stays in this room…understood?..".

"Yes, Lord Master….Sir, do you need a night Company?..".(Elijah)

I can't believe she's actually said that, but still I guess this was a norm in the medieval world. For someone like me, it's not like I don't need it but considering the state of the ladies, it probably wasn't a good idea, it would be inhumane to want such things from them after all that they have been through.

"No...Just make sure the basement cells were properly sealed,…..also make sure all the ladies get a proper rest….INSIDE, just picks the room and use them….stop, sleeping outside and on the floor…..serving me isn't the same as serving anyone you have seen before…".

I leave the 'interrogation room' and head downstairs to the treasury room. Since there are boxes of gold in there, I need to turn them into money and buy more supplies. The second floor was quite busy though, Bina and Rafaela were busy carrying the boxes into one of the rooms (The one where they held previously), and they stop what they were doing as soon as they saw me and kneel on the floor. I wave my hand signaling them to continue their work, this kind of greeting was definitely bothersome, I should tell them to change it tomorrow.

"10 boxes of gold coins, 5 boxes of gold trinkets….20 boxes of silver coins, and 50 boxes of Bronze coins….3 boxes of gems... these bandits were definitely rich….".

[ The price of a standard noble mansion should cost about 200 gold coins, with 10 boxes of gold coins. You can even buy 20 mansions and still have a leftover to live lavishly for 20 years. In short yes, you're rich sir. ]

"…..Well, I still need to buy many things….such things should be enough to fund my business in both Fantasma and Earth….at least we are off to a good start….by the way, what is that??..".

Amongst the shelves there was a single box that was different from all the boxes, unlike the other, it was the only one that was made of metal, even the lock was bigger than the others. I took out the rings of keys I obtained from the bandit leader and start testing them one by one.


After 10 keys, the lock finally opened. I assumed the content was something valuable and it was, there are 10 platinum rings with gems and delicate details engraved on them, 3 Magic bangles and a Necklace, a Spellbooks, Vials of Potions (Healing, Magic replenishment, poison antidote), a Single Rusted sword, and a weird ring with a mark of Keep on it.

"Magical items….they quite beautiful, even exudes it expensive??".

[ It is sir... The 10 platinum rings were Known as a Dimensional storage rings that can hold a total of 3 tons of weight (Evaluation: Slightly above Standard). The 3 Magic bangles were engraved with light protection spells that can protect the user from any poisons (Evaluation: At least you don't have to drink a potion, probably). The Necklace was known as Healing Necklace, it has the effect of slowly healing any physical wound over time (Evaluation: Quite Valuable, but don't expect any instant result). The spell Books contain a low-level Healing spell {Mend Touch}, able to heal any small wound using mana (Evaluation: Quite valuable, it's the same effect as consuming a normal level healing potion). ]

"...What about the Potions?..".

[…it was self-explanatory isn't it?....there's even a label on each vial..].

"Wow, I'm just asking though…forget it, I just use {Identify} myself..".

The only thing that was left was the rusted sword and the weird black ring. For some reason, the sword and the ring exuded a strong aura as my hand come closer to it, as both of the items were in my hand the black rust came off like sand revealing a beautiful metallic surface, the rusted sword became shiny and sharp to the point just swinging it on the air it produces a shrill, it can even cut the gold coin cleanly. As for the ring, it becomes beautiful, there are three layers of metals used Gold, Mithril, and Orichalcum and the Insignia on top was an insignia of a Black Coloured Stone Keep.

{Head Hunter}

[Made by the High Human grandmaster smith viscount Alma Lois, for High General Kisstoft Burman. Forge from Mithril and Blood of an Ancient red dragon, the sword has decapitated countless heads in the hand of High General Kisstoft Burman, granting its name 'The Head Hunter'. ].

"Quite brutal….just how many heads it has decapitated to claim the name?".

{Ring Of Power}

[Special Effects:-]

-1000 Tons of Storage Capacity

-Granting Royalty Status [Kaiser of Black Keep Empire]

-Granting Passive skills [Emperor Aura]

-Bound upon Wearing

[Once worn by High Human Emperor, Sai Menkou of Sai clan of Black Keep Empire. The ring symbolizes power, authority, and pride, only wearable by High Human that the ring chooses. ]

"....Jackpot?.... I can wear it...…. Shit, I forgot the bound part…".

The ring slips onto my index finger and it fits snugly, I tried to remove it but it feels like it was glued to my finger. When I cast [Identify] on it the descriptions say [Bound to Sai Mies], I guess it's stuck forever then but still at least I now have the ever so famous dimensional storage.

"T.A.S, show me my status..".

[Showing Status…].

Name: Sai Mies Age: 27

Gender: Male Race: High Human

Title: The Last Emperor of High Human NEW!

Status Attributes:-

Physical 5.5 Reflex 5.6

Intellect 8.9 Charm 5.5

Special Abilities:-

World Travel (Lvl. 3) Mini Map (N/A)


Passive Active

Intimidation (Mid) Identify (N/A)

Martial Arts (High)

Weapon Mastery (High)

Versatile Works (High)

Emperor Aura (N/A) NEW!

Special Traits:-

Calm Minded Limitless physical growth

Modern Man Perfect Specimen


99% Loyalty -5 Person 90% Loyalty -15 Person

"At least...there's something new….".

[Thanks to that ring of course,….An accidental King…].

"…But still a king right… how do I use this Dimensional ring?..".

(You need Mana to use them…..which, is something you don't have..^^).


[Ehem!..... You can charge the ring though, just touch the Insignia part with Beast core or mana stone or Mana potions…to open it just think about opening it, it will open, and to store any items all you need to do is touch the ring to the item intended and it will automatically store the item inside…simple right? ^_^;….]

At this time, I do feel annoyed with the fact that I was unable to use and practice magic, still, since T.A.S provides a solution for this I guess all was forgiven. In the treasury, of course, there's a Beast core, it looks like a raw gem actually, holding it I can feel a fluctuation of aura oozing from it and it all depends on the elements the core possesses if fire elements it will give out a warm sensation if water it will give out a similar feeling of grabbing a water ball and so on. Following the instruction T.A.S, I bump the Ring insignia on a fist-sized fire element Beast core, after 5 seconds the crystals turned to normal red crystals, the auras and radiance disappear completely, as for the ring it just stays the same but for some unknown reason, I got a feeling that the ring was only 5% charge.

"I just emptied one box of these cores….and it's only 50% charged…just how many it takes to fill this thing??...".

There's only one box of beast Cores left, I was quite contemplated using it, in the end, I decided that I will suspend recharging the Ring of power, and use the remaining box to recharge all the other magic items. Surprisingly, all the other rings just take 2 beast cores to fully charge them, there's even a quarter of the box left remaining which I store them inside one of the Platinum rings. Right now aside from the index finger, I wore 4 Platinum rings on each finger, my right hand was full of rings for the first time, still, since the rings were well made it looks like an expensive designer made, it just makes me looks very wealthy.

"Not bad though…now, I can store 12tons worth of items in my hands...truly Magical".

Again following T.A.S instructions I try storing a box of gold coins in it, I think about storing the item first and touch the box, and suddenly a black void appears from the ring on my middle finger and sucked the box whole, it all happens in just a few seconds, it was an astonishing scene to see, (I even repeat the act about 5 times before storing all the boxes of coins in the ring). I leave only the weapons, armor, and 2 boxes of Bronze coins in the treasury, just to make it look not empty.

" do I…..owh~~, neat…".

I was wondering how to look at what I just stored inside, as I touch the gems on the ring a grey slate appears and all the items were listed on it in a chronicles order. Which is quite helpful, I can see how many gold coins were stored in each box and the weight of every single item. Right now, 10 boxes of gold coins, 5 boxes of gold trinkets, and 20 boxes of silver coins were stored inside my middle ring finger and it only took 450 kilograms in total. 200 kilograms was the weight of gold coins including the gold trinkets, another 200 kilograms was the silver coins, and another 50 kilograms was the weight of all the wooden boxes.

"...owwwhhh yeah~~~,heheheheheh….I definitely buying a new car...hahahaha!!!!".

I just got 200 kg of pure gold in my hand, which roughly estimated price of about 9 million dollars, and the silver was worth at least 1 million dollars. I just became a millionaire, now all I have to do is melt them and sell them on earth. Looks like I need to make some visits back on earth, I need to open a company as soon as possible.

A knock on the door snapped me back to reality; Mina was standing in the doorway waiting for me.

"Lord Master,…Your bed is ready…".(Mina)

I nodded at her and leave the room, it was hard for me to communicate with the others aside from Elijah because they don't understand a single word I said, luckily they know I can understand them, if not we probably become a mime just to communicate.

The next step I should take now is to establish my solid footing in both worlds and learns to speak other languages A.S.A.P so that I don't look like a douchebag all the time.

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