Episode 7

A new day has come once again, but this is the first time I slept indoors ever since arriving at Fantasma, though the bed was quite stiff and smells a little bit, overall it's quite better than sleeping in a Van. Today's plans were to address the Duke and maybe complete the main quest. After stretching my stiff body with a few simple exercises, I get out of my room (temporary).


"Good Morning lord master,…I shall inform Sister Elijah, that you have awakened…". (Rafaela)


What waits in front of my door was Rafaela, she was waiting for me. She just standing in the hallway, after saying a few words she left just like that. Then, Mina and Elijah appear, greeting me and escorting me, on our way to the kitchen, I can see all the slaves were no longer naked, all of them starts wearing clothes. But still, it wasn't good on them, it looks baggy and dirty, since they just took it from the bandits, still, it's better than going around naked.

""Good Morning Lord Master!.."".

"Morning….is everyone here?".

Entering the kitchen hall at the entrance floor, all the Ladies (Slaves) were there standing in an orderly fashion on each side of the long table. Unlike last night their complexion today was quite different, they seem a bit relaxed and calmer. Rafaela pulled the main chairs back and invite me to sit, which I casually sat on. I turned to Elijah who standing on my right and asks her.

"Yes lord Master…". (Elijah)

"Good….Now everyone sits down..".

"Huh?.... But, lord master…we..". (Elijah)

My next words baffled Elijah, she was clearly confused, which throws off all the other ladies who were looking at us.

"Just sit down already…..tell everyone to sit as well….EVERYONE SIT, AND EAT….stop asking so many questions, just save it for later…..".

If I don't emphasize 'everyone' and 'eat', they probably just gonna stand there and watch me eat.

"Ah…yes Lord Master..….". (Elijah)

"Everyone, Lord master has ordered us to sit down and eat together with him, not on the floor but on the table with him…Thank you lord master for your generosity…" (Elijah)

""Thank you lord master for your generosity.."" (Everyone)

I can see all their faces were shocked, but still, they obey and start to eat. The air was quite pleasing, everyone seems to enjoy their meals, but amidst the serene meal time, all of them start to silently cry and smile but never stops stuffing food into their mouths. I realize the entire touching scene before me, so as a gentleman I just act normal and continue to eat. The breakfast time ended after an hour after the table has been cleared I told Andrea to serve some tea, and also told everyone to stay seated.

"I supposed everyone was full, I want all of you to look at me carefully….I am Sai Mies, I am a High Human…..and also your new Master…".

Elijah who carefully translated what I say, made the ladies focused, all the ladies around the table turned and look at me. Instead of giving a scorn look, they look quite delightful and blush before bowing their heads at me.

"As you can see, I'm not like anyone you've ever seen and probably quite different than anyone you've ever served….I won't mistreat you as long as you follow my order, Last night… I gave you all a chance to walk away, but all of you choose to stay….which means all of you will be working for me from now on….. I believe all of you agreed on these facts right?.."

No one voiced any disagreements not even a flinch, all of them nodded in agreement and even swear their fealty to me wholeheartedly. This made me taken aback a little.

"Anyway....from now on, Elijah An Quers will be appointed as my right hand and Mina as her assistant…Bina Murook, Rafaela, and Andrea will be guard leaders and head maiden, as for all of you….all of you need to follow their orders…. I will divide you into groups and assign works for you…these five ladies will be the first 5, as in 5 leaders for all of you….you all can refer to them if you need anything or need to ask anything.."

My announcement took all of them by shock, especially the Mina, Bina, Rafaela, and Andrea, as for Elijah she was definitely faking her shock, I know she's already anticipated this. Still looking at the ladies' conditions all of them have no complaint, instead felt relieved by the appointment of the first 5.

"Lord master….What is Head Maiden?..". (Andrea)

"Head Maiden was a Leader for all of the maidens who doesn't have any positions…'s the same as a head maid or head slaves…I just changed them to Maiden because I don't want to address you all as slaves….it's too degrading, to me, all of you were Maidens now…..".

The words 'maiden' made all of them stunned, by the look of it, all of them were pleased by it.

"I want everyone to do their best from now on….then, best regards Maiden's...First 5 follow me, as for all of you….eat some more…".

I ended the first meeting, and leave the kitchen and make my way to the second-floor boss room with the first 5 followings close behind me. Just like what I ordered last night they already cleaned the boss room neatly. There's barely any sign of fighting left in the room, aside from the bullet mark that embeds on the floor and furniture.

"Okay then let's review today's plans….Bina, Have you picked 5 maidens for your guard's squad?..".

Elijah, who was unable to stand alone, was the only one who was seated on the chair next to me. As for the others, they all stand before the table across from me and listened to every word Elijah translated from me.

"Yes Lord Master, I have picked my squad…although they don't have any solid fighting experiences, they were the only ones who has slightly better conditions than others…also the squads were already fitted with the bandit gears….of course, we erased the bandit marks from the equipment's…". (Bina)

"Good!, fighting experiences weren't really necessary, as long as they were able to follow orders it's enough….I want you to personally retrieve the Dukes and brought him here…make sure to treat him respectfully, but don't allow him or his knight to look down on you and the guards…you have my permission to hit them if they tried to mistreat you or the other maidens…".

"Ehem!...Yes Lord Master…". (Bina)

This Orc lady was quite uptight, but hearing my poor praise she can't help but show her feminine side as she was coughing trying to hide her shyness.

"Andrea, I want all slaves to have 3 meals a day from now on…just use the kitchen stocks, also I want you to assign teams for the daily works….also, please make sure all maidens take care of their hygiene, wear some cleans clothes, take care of your appearance more….if you need anything just listed them for now and handed them to Elijah later….".

"Yes, Lord Master… I will personally make sure it's taken care of...". (Andrea)

Andrea humbly bows and gently smiles as she heeds my order, this widow was oozing with elegance, if I brought over some makeup just how beautiful she can get, I wondered.

"Next, Rafaela…. I presumed you know how to nurse someone right?...also you're able to use healing magic right?'s okay there's no need to be shocked… I know…I know a lot of things..".

The fact of Rafaela knows how to use healing magic was actually well hidden, only known by the first 5. That's why Rafaela and the others were stunned as I casually bring this out, and when I said 'I know a lot of things' made everybody in the room cast their head downwards.

"I want you, to nurse the maidens who are sick…and make sure everyone was well-rested, There are some potions and ointment in the treasury, use them…also take this book and study them….. I will personally teach some medical knowledge when there's a time….".

"Yes lord master, I humbly follow your orders..". (Rafaela)

I was thinking of making a more organized way to distribute the works and tasks but, as for now, this will have to do. I'm sure all of them knew how to do their work.

"Now, for the big task…Elijah and Mina, today we will meet with the duke, as usual, you will be translating for me…but, I want both of you to put a strong front, don't waver to any of his threats or demand….especially you Elijah, you are my right hand now….act like one…..make sure he knows we were not to be trifle with…also, changed the way you all address me….it's becoming uncomfortable for me…".

I don't really mind getting the respect but, the way they addressed me was kinda embarrassing, I wanted them to change it, of course, they need to come up with it themselves, it would be shameless if I decided it myself. The details were quite simple actually, just show the duke the interrogation videos (Which have already been edited), do some drama(If needed), and make him sign an agreement, then send him home. Andrea, Bina, and Rafaela leave the room as we were done talking.

"We have decided, all of the maidens will address you as 'His Excellency'…..". (Elijah)

"His what?....ahh, okay then…..".

I wonder how they decide the call name like that, from the sound of it, it sounds practically the same. Still, commenting on it now is useless, it better to get on with it.

Duke Merrica Murr & Co. POV

"Sir duke…..just what is going on right now…ever since last night, it's been completely silent….". (Knight captain Hughes)

Knight captain Hughes was Duke Merrica's third in command; he was also the naked knight who was beaten up last night. The whole 150 knights who followed Duke in his campaign and only 15 survived, are currently in low spirits, but the changes in the bandits' acts and the silence surrounding the Keep make them feel unsettled.

"Something probably going on….still, I'm worried about Baron Larson…why haven't they sent him down?...!!??....everyone stays quiet, someone coming down…". (Duke Merrica)

After Duke alerted all his knights, all of them stay silent. But to their surprise what came down wasn't the usual brute warden, but 3 women wearing full leather armor. Although their faces were fully covered by the helmets, Duke inwardly knows that the woman was definitely an experienced fighter, especially the one who leading in front, her posture and walking gait spell that she isn't someone anyone wants to mess with, The 3 stop before the jail door and opened it, 3 of them bows slightly to all of the knights.

"Duke Merrica Murr of Hallerus Kingdom?..". (Knight (?) Leader)

"I am Duke Merrica Murr….To whom am I speaking with?... I assume you weren't part of the One Snake bandit..". (Duke Merrica Murr)

The way they act and behave was similar to a Knight or Dame, their tone was respectful and slightly mysterious.

"I am Bina Murook, I am here to escort you to meet my superior….". (Bina Murook)

"…..Is the bandit been settled?..". (Duke Merrica Murr)

".....Sir Duke, you may ask that question directly to my superior….as of now, I've been tasked to bring you upstairs….please comply, as we aren't the kind who fond of useless banter….". (Bina Murook)

Bina Murook wasn't even wavering or bothering to answer duke's question, but instead showed a clear hostile intent as duke tries to waste time by playing queries.

"….I will comply, but can I ask for my subordinate to be treated with some food and water?....". (Duke Merrica Murr)

"Someone will send them later….Please, come this way…". (Bina Murook)

Without waiting for the duke to finish his sentence, Bina grabs Duke Arms and closes the jail door. She immediately walks in front of the duke, while the other 2 guards follow behind the duke.

Once Duke Merrica set foot on the entrance floor, he immediately knows that the keep had been conquered. The musty smells and messy interior were completely changed, and the entire floor has been cleaned and organized. There are no bandits that can be seen, instead, a group of females dressed neatly busily going around the floor doing chores. It was as if the duke were entering a normal keep and as he passed each female, all of them show him respect by bowing slightly, the way all of them act was similar to nobles that can be found in a royal court.

Similar scenes also appeared on the 1st floor, as Duke was getting closer to the second floor, he can't help but feel nervous, Upon the second floor, the scene abruptly changes. The entire floor was quiet, there's not a single person can be seen going around, the only sound echoed all around were their own footsteps.

"Please wait…. <Knock! Knock!> ...Lady Elijah, Sir Duke is Here…". (Bina Murook)

".....Come in,…".

A womanly voice comes from the other side of the room, after getting permission. Bina Opened the room, although it was still morning the room was pitch black, there was only a single light in the room which is a candle on the table. Bina pulled the chair and instruct Duke to sit on it, Duke complies and sat, in the room, there are only 2 people can be seen, one was a big lady firmly standing beside another woman, who sits down beside the table, she was wearing a veil over her face and wearing a leather cloak, which covers her whole body.

"Greetings Sir Duke,…don't worry we won't do anything to you or your men…would you like some tea?.... Mina..". (Veil woman)

"Thank you, Milady….yes please …I wonder to whom am I speaking, may I have the honor to have your name, Lady?...". (Duke Merrica)

"Elijah, Elijah An Quers…..".

As the towering straight-faced woman called Mina, elegantly serving a fragrance tea, which gave out a very aromatic sweet smell that distracted duke, he takes a chance to ask the lady in front of him.

"<Slurpp~>…..hmm!!..great tea!....ahem!...this is the first time I had such great tea…..". (Duke Merrica)

"Thank you for your compliment sir duke...anyway, I think it's time to discuss a very urgent matter, at hand now Sir Duke….". (Elijah)

"Ahh….<Cough!>…..yes, I supposed so…..". (Duke Merrica)

The tone turned serious as Elijah, interrupted Duke who was infatuated by the rich taste of the tea. Elijah took out a small palm-size object it's fairly similar to a stone slab but it definitely isn't, as the surface was so smooth and shiny. 

"Sir Duke, for what you about to watch….it is nothing but a real and true fact, which we gain from this Bandit keep…this just been obtained last night…..". (Elijah)

Duke immediately turned serious as he heard what Elijah said. Elijah placed the slate-like object on the table and gently taps on the slate surfaced, suddenly it started to glow and a moving portrait of a man appeared on the slate, there are even voices coming out from the slate. Duke was shocked and jumped back as the bizarre thing started to make noises, but Elijah told Duke that it was just an item that was similar to a magic item and wasn't harmful, she then asks duke to sit down and focus on the recordings.

"....!!!...What in the...".

Duke's face turns red as he realized who the man is in the picture, it was his trusted right-hand man, Baron Larson Medika. At first, he was ready to get mad, but upon watching even further, what he heard befuddle him even more.

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