""The Blackroom?"" Both Mathew and Greg exclaimed in unison then from that point on only Greg asked the next question as the elevator descended "You mentioned that name earlier, but what's so important about this so called Blackroom anyway, Chief?

"Yeah, I was wondering the same thing Sir. Why is this room so important and high clearance that we didn't even know about it or how to get there until you came and are now taking us there?" asked Mathew 

They made it all the way to the ground floor first then Jerry extended his hand in an attempt to follow the procedure for the elevator to go to the sub level floor next but the second his finger got close to the gold protruding rectangle shape with the wings emblem on it, the elevator started moving downwards, throwing him off balance.


"What the!" exclaimed Jerry in shock and confusion as he staggered, trying to get his heart rate back to normal as the unexpected motion of the elevator not only caused him to lose balance for a moment but also caused his breathing to spike a little.


After calming down, Jerry moved back and began to ponder with his hands on his hips "What was that about?" He mumbled to himself and got lost in thought, which was so serious that he needed for Mathew calling him multiple times before he snapped out of it.


"Are you okay Sir?" Mathew asked with his hand on Jerry's shoulder 


The older looking man, without moving his shoulder slowly turned his head and stared intensely at Mathew's hand on his shoulder with a stern look, which immediately prompted Mathew to remove his hands from it and then Jerry went on to answered the question.


"The Blackroom, also the known as the real mainframe of the GHA which contains the access codes of all ever made Dot Log chips, implanted or not, regular ones like yours or more secured ones which high level officials like myself are about to get and also all recorded information of everyone with the chips in it's servers"

"Okay?" Mathew replied in a wondering voice, expecting Jerry to continue talking


"And as for why it's so important and high risk, imagine a terrorist getting his or her hands on all that information, all those personal information. Do you know the type of damage they could cause?" Jerry said as he looked behind to Greg for an answer but all he got was a side head nod meaning "No idea"


He exhaled then continued "Unbelievable. Imagine if in a best case scenario that they do a mass kidnapping or even worse a targeted kidnapping of secured personnel because they know exactly where said individual would be and the exact time they would be there from their previous daily log movement pattern."

This made Greg to wry in discomfort. He understood the magnitude of the image Jerry was trying to paint for him.

"Disconcerting isn't it?" Jerry said

"Yes Chief"

"Bad but don't think that that's the worse case scenario"

"What could possibly be worse then that Sir?"

"Worse case scenario is they could figure out a way to overload the chips, chips which people have close to their brains. Do the maths yourself, which I know might be hard for one of you but just try and calculate the number of deaths that would be caused by an explosion in the head and if not death then the number of comatose or vegetative state patients due to nerve damage"


"Wow, I never thought something so good could inherently be bad just because we don't see it yet" Mathew spoke out after being overwhelmed by Jerry's reply then he continued but is interrupted by Greg who was previously in deep thought.

"Hmm! Inherently bad just because we don't see it... hmm!" Greg murmured with scrunched forehead.

"Why are you repeating exactly what I just said?" Mathew asked out of annoyance and a little curiosity

"Oh, it's nothing, I was just thinking of how you sounded an awful lot like that kid Michael"

"Michael? Who'is that? What are talking about?" Mathew asked rolling his eyes.

"No, don't be offended but I was just thinking that what you said is exactly what he talked about outside today so I was just thinking that you were quoting or just copying him. He also sounded like he was quoting someone else too cause no way a normal kid talks like that so if you're offended I said you're copying a kid then don't worry cause most likely you're copying someone else older by copying him." Greg smiled then scratched the back of his head coyly.

"Michael! Oh you mean that kid who always makes noise while people are trying to do their business. That kid! So Michael is his name? Sorry but I don't listen to anything that brat has to say so no way I was trying to copying him. Maybe he's the one copying me"

"How..." Greg looked embarrassed for his sibling "He said the exact sentence you just did but before you so how can he be the one copying you instead of the other way around"

"I don't know, maybe he's psychic and that's how he knew what I was going to say and said it before me so by default that's copying" Mathew retorted then folded his arms.


"Psychic? It's true that he has that vibe about him but don't be ridiculous, psychic are just tricks like magic shows and superpower in movies" Greg laughed 

"What nonsense are you two talking about this time?" Jerry addee his voice into the conversation and the commanding voice from their superior caused Mathew and Greg to jolt back to their senses.

"Nothing Sir. And Sir, I wanted to ask before I was interrupted, but if this information you just told us is so high level then why are you disclosing it to low class personnel like me and Greg. Did we get more clearance aside from just being permitted to go to the sub level floor itself but to also hear about all of this "


Jerry grinned "Don't worry about it and your qualifications. Before anyone is allowed to work here our agents would have already investigated every single thing about them first. At the moment I know more about you two than you even know about yourse—"



The sound of the elevator stopping abruptly at the sub level.

"We are here! Common let's check it out" Jerry commanded as they all waited for the doors to open. Jerry was reaching for his strap to pull out a taser





"Fuck! What am I going to do now?" I said out as I pulled my hand along my face in a downward motion, stretching my under eyelids in the process and then pinching my cheeks on both side with all my fingers.

I was going out of my mind panicking and I couldn't even think straight in situations of extreme stress. I abandoned my gear and walked over to the door then I stretched upwards to look through the only transparent area on it.


[ERROR] The display continued to give the same message but this time it was flashing red


No matter how much I stretched and even went on the tip of my toes I still wasn't able to get my head up to the bottom of the only transparent section of the door


"I have to see what's on the other side" I said then braced myself and jumped as high as I could and with my hands I held on the the bottom part of oval shaped transparent section of the door. Grip firmly in place I pulled my entire body weight upwards with my arms vibrating because of stress on them and the exhaustion I was feeling until my head was finally able to see through the door 



"What the?" I muttered as I was finally able to see through. However, the view I got was something I wasnt expecting. *GULP*

According to the blueprint I had, there were only two rooms and two security panels to get through before the Blackroom? But, what I saw through the small transparent oval glass at the top of the door was another security room which didn't have a panel but used motion patterns with temperature and body rhythms to grant access.

Only people whose body stature and rhythm while walking and standing with their natural body temperature already being recorded as authorized could make it through the room.

"You've got to be kidding me. This wasn't supposed to be here. Why is this here— Woah!" My hands gave in and I unknowingly let go and fell to the floor

"Ouch!" I wasn't expecting the fall so instead of landing on my feet I landed on my butt then I hunched over in a sitting position to rub and massage it to relieve the pain while k had a frown predominantly pasted on my countenance.


"Looks like I actually needed Brian after all" I let go of my butt to sit properly and lowered my head defeated.

[ERROR] The display went from a green colour with white writing the moment I failed the test to red with the words written in black and flickering on the screen. My overwhelming emotions had made me to forget about what would happen next if I didn't input the correct DNA blood sample as I was too lost in thought to think about it.

Everything about this mission had been theoretical until I jumped back and even up to now and I hadn't had any experience breaking in or carrying out secretive operations of any magnitude beyond my sneaking to my bunker and evading the GHA watchful eyes so it wasn't a surprise that I would be terrible at this and would get overwhelmed when things don't go be way I planned.

The wailing of the alarm sound were muffled to my ears as I heard them and all I could do was get flashbacks of all the planning and actions I've taken in preparation through the months just to get here and the GHA bastards still ended up winning because of my incompetence.


As the seconds passed I started to gain back my senses and awareness of my environment and the alarm and the urgency of things started to dawn on me.


"What am I doing—?" I tried to stand up when

[SECURITY MEASURES ACRIVATED, LOCKING ALL DOORS] The display wrote and a voice said through the display in Divia's voice 



Immediately the door of the previous room started to close gradually.

"Fuck!" I turned around to see the door closing in on me and then exclaimed

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